Sunday, September 02, 2007

Humble Pie

Not that he'll ever read this, but I'll kick off this post with an apology to Christian.

I seriously doubted his ability to move his wonderfully heavy table into our dining room without causing irreparable damage to either our house, the table or someone helping with the move.

I was wrong to ever have such doubts.

The boys pulled it off in about two minutes with nothing untoward occurring and then with many snide remarks thrown in my general direction after the move was accomplished.
I deserved most of the remarks I must admit!

So instead of capturing that horrible moment when it all went wrong, I instead have a photographic step-by-step guide on how to move a table.


1)First of all, decide that four people is enough to move the table as no one can be bothered waiting for the latecomers to arrive to help.

2)Stand around for several minutes discussing the wonderful workmanship that went into making said table and generally admiring table. (Please ignore the seriously messy back yard. It will be transformed come summer comes, I guarantee!)

3)Turn table on it's side.

4) Position helpers around the table at strategically placed leg positions.

5) Lift.

6)Manoeuvre table through the doorway, making sure to avoid dropping table on feet or pinning digits against door frame.

7) Lift table fully into room and then turn right way up.

8) Tadda!

I must say I was very impressed with their effort! As I am usually wrong, I have learned to be the first to admit it so well done boys.

As usual with any LAN, there are always people that turn up horribly late and so it takes a rather long time to get everything hooked up, downloaded and connected, ready to go.
Tiho had been the first person to turn up at about half ten that morning and I think it was about three thirty that the boys played their first proper game.
In this in-between time I amused myself by sorting through old photos. The gym are having a photo wall and want everyone to bring in baby pictures of themselves and then everyone has to guess who is who. I don't have a lot of pics here of me when I was younger that aren't school photos, but I eventually found one to take in. I hope to get my scanner up and running soon so I can post some of the photos I was looking at, but the one I found is of me and my two sisters. I must have been about two or three as Barb is just a baby in it and I had rather blonde hair. I also found a 2nd birthday card from my Nanna and Grandpop calling me their 'little goldilocks'. I had almost forgotten that in the first few years of my life I was a natural blonde! How things change! Of course, my mother has no qualms now telling me she always thought I was a little evil looking, blonde hair with black eyes. Apparently I freaked her out as a baby! lol Makes me feel so loved! ;-)

Anyway, the boys finally got everything sorted and then played a flurry of games. I know they played Company of Heroes because Christian has played that so often lately that I recognise it, but as for the other games, they did tell me what they were called but I honestly can't remember. One of them was quite fun to watch, one team are some kind of dodgy aliens and the other are humans and they run around trying to kill each other. Christian morphed into some big spider type of alien so big that he couldn't fit down some of the walkways and had to go the long way round to kill people...
This really isn't interesting, is it?
I'll stop going on about it and just show you some photos then.

Tessa kicked Ben off his chair at one point and sat watching the screen. Of course as soon as I came anywhere near her with the camera she's jump up and look at me, trying to figure out what I was doing. It was much funnier when it looked like she was playing :(

This is just a shot of some of the guys playing around the 'table'. I didn't actually manage to get a very clear photo of any of them, you can just see Mike from around the side of his puter (he didn't know I had my camera at that point - after that anytime I came near he pulled his hat down over his face to hide). Scott is in the corner, Spencer has his back to the camera (I hadn't met him before tonight, he came with Tiho when Tihos' brother couldn't make it) and Lance is off to the side in the striped shirt. Glen hadn't yet arrived, but in the end they managed to fit five guys and their puters around the 'table'.

Ben grabbed my camera and took this photo. I just had time to hide behind Christian slightly so you don't get to see my huge arse! ;-)

At the exact moment I took this shot, Christian had just finished killing Mike's character. He let out a huge whoop and Mike swore at him for about a full minute (apparently it was a rather nifty shot). One of these days I'll remember I have video on my camera...

Tiho looking cute as usual.

I tried three times to get a photo of Sexy Mikes' shirt. I thought it rather appropriate for the evening.
At seven I left the boys and went and called Mouse. It was wonderful to chat to her again on the phone as with the time differences between us, it's rare that I get to have a good chat with her on msn or MoH. Plus, you just can't beat an actual conversation.
We chatted for about two and a half hours about various things, and it was great to catch up. She made the comment again that I sound very Aussie (not as Aussie as the actors on Neighbours or Home and Away but still Aussier than she remembered) and said it was funny to hear Aussie geeks in the background as opposed to the Scottish geeks she's used to. I told the boys to say hello and they did so very unenthusiastically I must say. I then mentioned that I was talking to a hot Scottish chick and that got a slightly more enthusiastic response (what did I expect really, they are geeks after all...).

After I got off the phone I sat about watching the guys play Soldat (I think it's called anyway). By half eleven I'd almost fallen asleep onto Mike's mouse pad so I thought it was about time I went to bed. At seven this morning I woke up and Christian, Sexy Mike and Ben were just finishing playing their last game. I honestly don't know how they do it. I'm not passionate about anything enough to forgo my sleep.

Of course, now Christian is asleep and the house is quite. I should start cleaning up, my house is a pigsty now.

One thing Christian didn't think of however is that I now have a huge heavy table sitting in my dining room and no one to move it back outside.



Mouse said...

I loved getting to talk to you too. :-)
Is the table back outside yet? ;-)

Nettie said...

No, no it is not.

Christian said that it will most likely be inside for a good while to come too...

Tah said...

I was wondering if the table would make it back outside afterward.

Well, there you go. You can be smug about that. ;-)

oppiejoe said...

I'd come help... but it is so far away and there are wolves out to get me