Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bananas, Pyjamas and Literature

Well, how crap am I? Here I am, proclaiming in my last post for the whole world to see that I will be more dedicated to the upkeep of this blog.
Ah well, you're a forgiving lot ;-)

So what's been happening lately? Not a lot. But in true Nettie fashion I'll pad that out until it's a nice rambling blog post! lol

I'm currently putting my will power to the test every time I leave the house in the effort to come home without a new pair of jarmies. I think most of you know by now that I have a pyjama fetish, the problem being at the moment that I only have nine pairs, five of which are summer ones and it's only really when I get up to about 12 or 13 pairs that I normally start thinking 'Right, that's probably as many as you can REALLY justify having'.
So every time I leave the house, I'm bombarded on all sides by cute animals, brushed flannelette and four-piece combos. And considering mother's day is just around the corner, they're all horribly reduced. To say my will power is being exercised more than my flabby body would be rather accurate :(

Unfortunately, for some reason the fates are just not inclined to let me actually get to the gym this week. I've (for once) been motivated but something always happens that prevents me from actually getting there.
Take yesterday for instance. Work was flat out and we were very late getting out. It had been awfully busy, as it generally is after a public holiday and one of the tellers had an error that we were looking for. It was half five and I was thinking to myself that perhaps I could maybe skip the gym today when my mind pulled itself together and gave me a mental arse kicking. You will go to the gym today! So I headed to the loos with my gear and proceeded to get changed.
Cue mental dialogue.
'Hmm, that's odd, my sport's bra is damp. But it came straight from the mammoth pile of clean washing covering my bed...I'm sure it was dry when it came off the line. Oh well...oi, hang on a sec, my shirt is wet too! What the flip is going on? Maybe my water spilt in my bag? Ewww, what's that funny smell? Is that banana? Why can I small banana? Oh, that's why, there's a liquefied banana in the bottom of my bag! How long's that been there? Oh well, so you'll smell like a banana, big deal, you've gotten this far, don't back out of the gym now!'
Five minutes later I'm dressed and heading out the door when I noticed that my left armpit was in tremendous pain.
'What friggin now??? Oh, my bra wire is stabbing me. *sigh*'

I don't know how many of you are like me but I cannot exercise without a sports bra. It's dangerous not only to myself but to everyone else in the immediate vicinity. So yesterday I didn't make it to the gym...
Today I spent my lunch break searching for a new sports bra. Apparently the entire town has sold out of 16E sports bras! How many women are walking around this joint with size 16E boobs??? Honestly???
Throw in on top of that a nice little head cold and today I didn't get to the gym either.
Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend for coffee.
Who knows about Friday!


There's always the weekend!

Apart from not updating my blog, not going to the gym, not getting on the forum and not buying pyjamas, I've been reading a lot :)
I can't be bothered looking up links for all of these so I'm just going to list them and if you want you can google them.

The Mortal Instrument Trilogy by Cassandra Clare
The Host, Stephenie Meyer (which I thought was even better than Twlight)
Hydra, an SG1 book
Dark Lord of Derkholm by Dianna Wynn Jones
Howl's Moving Castle also by Wynn Jones
Watermellon my Marian Keyes
Several Footrot Flats Comics
Mirror Mirror, SGA book
And I've just bought The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks.

Some fairly good reasons to be anti social ;-)

Take care guys, I promise to try and update again soon!