Friday, June 30, 2006

Yay for the weekend

I was sent on a first aid course yesterday for work which meant I got a free refresher course (yay!) plus I missed out on pension Thursday (double yay!). While I was there however, I was shocked by a few things.
Firstly, out of the sixteen people attending the course, only two of us had done first aid recently enough to remember it (a couple of people had done it in high school but didn't remember anything about it). I was shocked by those odds. I have done eight first aid courses during my life, I really believe it's a necessity. There have only been a few times when I've had to use it, but if I didn't know what to do, the consequences could have been a lot worse than they were, especially when my niece was choking. What would these people have done if a loved one had collapsed, and knowing CPR could have saved their life? I am such a firm believer in the fact that everyone should have the basic skills.
Secondly, I was shocked that EAR has been disregarded. Apparently they have just completed a five year study into CPR and have come to the conclusion that if a person is not breathing and shows no signs of life (you don't even check for a pulse anymore) you commence CPR immediately. Gone are the days of mouth to mouth and gone are the days of a different rate for babies, children and adults. It's all the same now.
Crazy huh? But I can see their logic, but dammit it's hard to put behind you all those habits of the past.

Work has been hectic this last week. Everyone is panicking about the end of the financial year and so chaos has ensued. I am so tired but I have an RDO on Monday so hurrah for a long weekend! Plus the Commonwealth Bank five hundred meters up the road from us was held up on Wednesday so everyone has been a bit on edge about that. There have been lots of armed holdups in the area lately, mainly targeting chemists and liquor stores, but when you work at the bank, you have to realise the risks.

But enough of that. It's the weekend and I'm happy.
Oh, and if anyone gets bored over the weekend, check out Litmocracy as Boo and I have submitted new work, Boo another drawing and I've had a go at some poetry (Eeek I know but it'll keep everyone off my back until I have a chance to finish another story)

Have a good one guys.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Getting back to nature

While our hubbies were busy doing nerdy things today, Barb and I joined Dad and the kids for a stroll around Mundaring Weir. The Weir is about 15ish kms from me and is a favourite picnic spot near Mundaring. I took some pics while I was there, and Boo will be delighted to see that not all the kangaroos around here are dead on the side of the road.

The view through the trees

Chiara, Darcie, Me and Will, Barb and Caleb

Darcie, ever the poser!

You can't really tell here, but this mummy roo has a joey in her pouch

Three of the ten or so roos that were in the area grazing

Also, I went to a shop called Red Stripe Clothing today in Northbridge which is Perth's own Goth shop, a little like Electric Cabaret, minus the pirates. I went in search of boots and I've ordered some in, so it will be a couple of weeks before I can get you all photo's. However, a heads up to Boo and Mouse. When you come to visit me, bring lots of money! The shoes there are so cheap! They don't have New Rocks, but a very similar brand from the US, my boots only cost $190 AUD. And Boo, you know the shoes you love with the star through the sole? They have about ten different types of them there and they're only $80 AUD. It's just a wonderful shop! is the url if you want to have a looksie.

Oh, and finally, because I finally got a photo, here's Barb with her shaved head. It's grown back a lot in the four weeks since she shaved it for Shave For a Cure, but you'll get the drift.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

What the deuce?

Stewie Griffin is my hero.

And without further ado, here's some of my favourite Stewie quotes.

Stewie: There's always been a lot of tension between Lois and me, and it's not so much that I want to kill her, it's just, I want her not to be alive anymore

Lois: Stewie why don't you play in the other room?
Stewie: Why don't you burn in hell?

Stewie (to Death): Email me at lois must die (all one word) at

Stewie: You know, I rather like this God fellow. Very theatrical, you know. Pestilence here, a plague there. Omnipotence ... gotta get me some of that.

Stewie (after tripping Peter): Ha ha ha, oh my God! I almost didn't do it, I almost didn't do it! I thought, is this in bad taste? But you know what, I went for it. I went for it and I'm so glad I did! Ooooh, worth it, totally worth it.

Stewie: Nothing says "Obey Me" like a bloody head on a fence post!

Stewie: Oh yes, you have a lot to think about: public drunkenness, grand theft auto...Brian: You forgot the part where I made you smash your head into the windshield.Stewie: I don't remember-Brian: (Slams on brakes, causing Stewie to fly forward into winshield)Stewie: Yes, well, I suppose I walked right into that one.

Ok, I'm done now.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A B C...

I went shopping the other day and picked up a really nice black halter neck dress. I was very excited! However, I then realised that I would have to buy a convertible bra to go with it. Me and bra shopping do not go well together.

I went to Bras-n-things and actually found a black strapless bra in an 18E. I tried it on and my boobs were so squished. The lady came in and measured me and said 'No wonder you're squished, you're actually an F cup'.

I almost cried. Finding E cup bras is hard enough as it is, but F cup? It's almost impossible. Luckily for me they had an F cup in that bra (Hurrah!) so I can wear my dress out tomorrow. Christian was a little shocked when I told him my new measurements - I don't think he could quite believe his luck. I on the other hand am giving even more consideration to breast reduction surgery. Most of the time I rather like my boobs, but there are times when they're just a damn inconvenience.

I'm sure there are ladies out there who would agree with me on that one.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Who thinks I'm being unreasonable?

Ah, the joys of the Internet. I can always rely on you guys to give me an honest opinion on if I'm overreacting or being completely reasonable.

Christian and I had a bit of an argument yesterday concerning a certain friend of ours, Dan. Now, Dan is a nice enough guy, except I can really only handle him in small doses. He has some habits that irk me and says and does things at times that really shit me. He also has no grasp of the concept that married people like to spend time, alone with their partner.

Dan is over at my house usually one or two nights during the week and then on the weekend he'll come round, stay at least one night and will be over at least one other time during the weekend. To make matters worse, he doesn't have a car at the moment and so he'll need to get picked up and dropped off at home and when he stays the night it's usually more convenient for him to get dropped off while we're on our way out, instead of making two trips. So he's usually here until mid-afternoon.

This weekend for example, he comes over on Friday night, stays over and then leaves about one in the arvo. Tonight (Sunday) he is coming over to watch Formula 1.
Now what made me so frustrated and, to be honest, a little pissed at this was that he had borrowed his mother's car and so didn't need to wait around for Christian to drop him home yesterday. Still he stayed, sitting in the loungeroom playing fucking playstation games, even while Christian was out working on the car.

Christian and I both work fulltime, we keep different hours so we miss each other when I've gone to bed, he's staying up and then when I get up earlier in the morning. We don't have a hell of a lot of quality time together as it is, and Dan intrudes further into that time.

Now, obviously our argument stemmed around these facts. I told Christian I was a little annoyed that Dan was over so much and I thought it was a bit odd that he spent all his spare time hanging around with a married couple. Christian found nothing odd in this and said that we could still have sex while Daniel was asleep in the morning and he couldn't see what my problem was. I said there was no way in the world I was going to have sex if Dan was asleep in our loungeroom and that Christian would just have to go without, plus it wasn't just the sex thing but just spending time together. I also asked if Dan had any other friends as he gets on my nerves.

It went on and on for a bit and I stormed out in a huff and spent the evening sulking. I guess it just points out the really obvious differences between men and women. Hopefully Christian will start telling Dan more often that he can't come round because we're busy (because God knows Dan doesn't listen to me when I tell him that - if I can't itinerise exactly what we're doing he says that we're not doing much and comes round anyway, little git).


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Iri, this is for, ok babe!

I have bowed under the immense pressure of a discontent Iridium and so here are more pics of the trip.
Boo and I in matching PJ's

Oh my God, that girl has pink hair!
Tru, with 'The Line' clearly visible, doing cool balancing stuff with a sword.

Alex with a Nessie hat (I know someone has one of me in that hat but thankfully it hasn't surfaced as yet)

Me collecting my very own Nettie's Nessie Water

Cool graffiti at top of The Big Hill

Iri, I have more but I'll save them for another day. Hope these are ok!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Is it almost THAT time already???

Well, tomorrow will come and I shall have to return to work.
That's always the worst part of a holiday, isn't it? The going back to work aspect. Well, there's no point dwelling on it I suppose, I just need to try and make the most of today.

I had some exciting news over the weekend. It seems that Kat (my friend who I went to Sexpo with) and Sexy Mike have gotten together! Hurrah! I don't know how it's going to work out as they work together but I wish them all the best and they seem very happy.

I went out with Sarah yesterday and I had a good time (I'm not too sure if she did, but I hope so!...). Soccer got cancelled last minute and so we had to try and kill the whole afternoon in the city which we did by going to the museum (dead things are cool) and going to see XMen 3 (and yes, we did stay for the extra scene). There was a bit of a fiasco regarding dinner and a poshed up fish and chip shop but in the end we arrived at bowling fed and watered. And then we waited. And waited. And finally Kat and Mike turned up and we could start our games. Things slowed down for a bit when us girls started looking at photo's from the trip but eventually we managed to finish the games.

Today I have planned a hike up around Mundaring Weir but it all depends on if I can convince Christian it's still a good idea. He's not a biggie for walking places (he just doesn't see the point - if he wants some exercise he prefers to play a sport) but I'm sure I can guilt-trip him into it somehow!

Wish me luck girls! If we go I'll take some pics to show you!