Monday, June 05, 2006

Is it almost THAT time already???

Well, tomorrow will come and I shall have to return to work.
That's always the worst part of a holiday, isn't it? The going back to work aspect. Well, there's no point dwelling on it I suppose, I just need to try and make the most of today.

I had some exciting news over the weekend. It seems that Kat (my friend who I went to Sexpo with) and Sexy Mike have gotten together! Hurrah! I don't know how it's going to work out as they work together but I wish them all the best and they seem very happy.

I went out with Sarah yesterday and I had a good time (I'm not too sure if she did, but I hope so!...). Soccer got cancelled last minute and so we had to try and kill the whole afternoon in the city which we did by going to the museum (dead things are cool) and going to see XMen 3 (and yes, we did stay for the extra scene). There was a bit of a fiasco regarding dinner and a poshed up fish and chip shop but in the end we arrived at bowling fed and watered. And then we waited. And waited. And finally Kat and Mike turned up and we could start our games. Things slowed down for a bit when us girls started looking at photo's from the trip but eventually we managed to finish the games.

Today I have planned a hike up around Mundaring Weir but it all depends on if I can convince Christian it's still a good idea. He's not a biggie for walking places (he just doesn't see the point - if he wants some exercise he prefers to play a sport) but I'm sure I can guilt-trip him into it somehow!

Wish me luck girls! If we go I'll take some pics to show you!


smerk said...

*sigh* Of course I enjoyed yesterday. I would've tried to have bailed on you if I didn't.

Iridium said...

Yay Photo's