Thursday, September 17, 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that

After that last explosive post it took me a while to really feel like writing another post but I think it's finally time.
My life has settled down a bit. I'm currently working part time, doing night fill at one of the local supermarkets. Christian just wants me to have a break for a while and since we're not really struggling for cash, I'm taking advantage of having such a good break. I'm not too sure when I'll return to full time work but I think it won't be until mid next year. We're planning on having another Edinburgh Adventure next July/August and I don't think there's much point in starting a new job only to tell them I'll need four or five weeks off in a couple of months time. And Christmas will see me getting heaps of hours at work now so I'll pick up some extra money that way.

I've been keeping really busy during my spare time. I've been reading lots, doing a little bit of gardening (when the weather behaves) and I've been making lots of balls! I make handmade Christmas baubles and I've made about twenty so far. I plan on giving them away as gifts at Christmas and as they're rather time consuming, I have to start rather early on in the year.
Speaking of Christmas, I've gotten a nice head start on my Christmas shopping and hopefully I'll be nice and organised this year. I don't know if I was early enough to make sea mail for the overseas crowd but that doesn't matter too much. In the long run you only save a couple of dollars here and there.

The only other big news is that I've just had some minor surgery done. There's a bit of back story to it so I'll back track so you don't get lost.
At the end of last year Christian and I were told that we pretty much wouldn't be able to conceive naturally. IVF just wasn't an option for us since I'm not mentally equipped to deal with that whole thing and so we came to the decision that kids just weren't for us. We'd given it four long years of trying actively and it obviously wasn't meant to be. Now, we're not the sort of couple for whom kids are the be-all and end-all. Sure, it would have been nice but if for some reason we didn't have kids, then we'd cope. I didn't marry Christian for his sperm and he didn't marry me for me child-bearing hips! So we weren't that heart broken at the decision.
I suffer from rather nasty periods and I told Christian that as soon as we weren't actively trying I was going to go back on the pill so they'd settle down. Three weeks after being back on the pill and I had a really weird episode. My brain wasn't talking properly to my body. Barb noticed it when I was updating my facebook page. What I was thinking, I couldn't type. I had written something completely different to what I had thought I had written (and completely nonsensical). She ended up ringing me and I couldn't speak properly. When my arm started shaking that much that I couldn't hold my toothbrush, she came round and took me to the doctors.
Turns out I had a migraine that was rather severe, and apparently the chances of stroking with that type were 1000 to 1. Factor in my contraceptive and the chances were 100-1. So needless to say I was taken off the pill.
A few months later and I was off to hospital to have a laparoscopy done and also a Mirena inserted. And now I am all owey and sore and whiny, with a hole in my belly button and hole a little bit further down and lots of stitches! And I can't bend over and I can't have a bath and I feel like I'm ninety!

But I'll live and I'm sure it'll get better soon.

That turned out to be a bit rambly, didn't it? Hope it made some kind of sense! Oh and no, no photos of the stitches! That would scare too many people!

I'll try and update again soon.