Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Off track...

Ok, in my last post I promised pics of Christian's 'off' as it's called and I intend to deliver. But first I'll shed some light on how it came to be.

Christian was going down the long straight and at the end he realised he hadn't braked early enough or hard enough to make the hard left turn. He knew that if he tried to turn all he would do is send the car into a very painful series of rolls, so he had no choice but to continue braking whilst plowing into a field. Here's the results.

His poor Levin tyre-deep in mud.

His tracks after being towed out.

The skid marks of his entry into said paddock.

Christian showing us where he came to a stop, a mere three metres away from this...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


On Saturday we went to a Trackday held by one of our mates Mark to have a bit of a race around. I did the morning session which was just a practice and was untimed, and Christian, Mike and Mike (Brooksey) did the arvo timed session. I didn't actually get any pics of me hooning around the track in my car but here's more than enough pics to keep you all happy!

Kat and Mike, ever the smiley couple!

Me in Mark's car, waiting for a ride.

Kat and I. We had already taken a pic but Mike deleted it by accident so we had to do it over again.

Us losing it after taking said photo.

Brooksey and I being caught out by Kat doing male model poses.

Christian holding aloft his trophy for most consistant of the day (I made him pose for the camera...)

Christian actually had an off but I'm waiting to get some more pics of that before I post so expect another photo filled entry soon!

On another note, Talk Like a Pirate day was in full swing in Perth today. My web server, iinet changed their name to Aye Aye Net for the day and also gave their site a Pirate makeover. Most of the radio stations also had a Pirate theme, with jokes, stories and special guests. My favourite joke was 'What is a Pirate's favourite pick up line?'

'Aaagh, prepare to be boarded'

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I've stopped twice in the last three weeks to help out ladies who's cars have broken down, and I've been surprised both times by the amount of people who just drive past, ignoring their plight.
The first time was actually in the car park of my local shopping centre. A heavly pregnant woman got out of her car that was reversed half way out of a bay and said it wasn't starting but she thought I'd be able to reverse out around her. I said 'Um, do you need some help?' and she goes 'Oh, I don't want to be a pain'. I told her it was no trouble and we managed to roll her car back into another bay. But while we were doing this at least five people tried to drive past and honked at us for being in the middle of the road.
Can you believe it???
I mean, not only did I think people would stop to help anyone who had broken down, but the fact that this woman looked like she was about to have her waters break right then and there, I really thought that would have made more people want to help. Obviously I was wrong. Eventually though a couple came over to help and the guy turned out to be a mechanic so we managed to get the car started. As I was leaving the lady told me I was a complete angel and she was lucky I was passing by at that moment.
Tonight I was driving home from my Mum's place when I came across a car with their hazard lights on just around a corner. I pulled over and asked the lady behind the wheel if she needed any help and she informed me that she didn't have her phone with her, had a broken ankle and thought her car wasn't working because the guy at the petrol station had put in unleaded instead of diesel. I gave her my phone and she called her partner, who wouldn't come and get her because he was in the middle of a workout!!! It was at this point that she started swearing at him like a fishmongers wife, and really I don't blame her. I'd be the same if Christian refused to come pick me up when I'd broken down. She ended up hanging up in a huff and then bursting into tears. All the while car after car drove past and none stopped to help until a couple of guys who really could only be called 'derros' pulled up (Smerk will understand and maybe the Edinburgh crew, although I don't think we explained it all that well. hopefully this will help) . We rolled the car off the road and I gave the lady and her little boy a ride home, although I didn't stay to witness the murder that I'm sure took place shortly afterwards. But before I left, this lady also told me I was an angel and I left feeling really warm and fuzzy because I'd done a good thing.
It got me thinking though why more and more people today just prefer to look the other way and completely ignore those who are in need. It makes you feel really good when you help others and I think the world would be a better place if we all did more of it.
But somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Father's Day

It was Father's day last Sunday so my Dad and his 'brood', as he lovingly calls us, went up to Heathcote for a barbie. Heathcote is an old mental asylum that they've done up to be an art centre and restaurant for the buildings and a huge nautical-themed playground for the kiddies on the grounds. It's a lovely spot but very crowded on a lovely sunny day when it also just happens to be Father's day!

Anyhoo, here's some pics of the day.

Barb and me, with my not-very-pixie cut hair

Christian, laughing at the kids and their antics...little gits!

Dad, always pulling a face for the camera

Will, liking his spoon immensely with my brother-in-law Mike in the background

Some good news for those who don't know, we've finally gotten the go ahead to buy my Dad's house so we're in the proceedings now. Hopefully it'll all be finalised within the month. Hurrah!

And on a not-so-great note, I've hurt my back again so I've been in agony all over the weekend and am still hurting now after my chiro. It hurts heaps when I sit in font of the puter, so I haven't really been able to come on much. But I'll be on more as soon as I can! But I miss you all heaps and hope you're all doing well.