Saturday, April 21, 2012

He's put up with me for HOW long???

Yesterday marked 16 years that Christian and I have been together. I know most married couples only celebrate their wedding anniversaries but since we had such a long engagement and saw our wedding as just making it 'official' in the eyes of others, this is the big anniversary for us.

We went out for dinner last night and I told Christian he had to surprise me with the 'where'. Being a man and Christian, it wasn't mush of a surprise. He took me to The Olive Tree Restaurant in West Perth which is where we had our wedding reception and our most favourite restaurant. We spent the evening doing what we do best - having playful debates!

Christian sends a txt to a mate about archery the following morning and changes a word in predictive text.
Me - Urgh, I hate predictive text, it's so sucky!
C - What?!? No way, it's the best thing ever!
Me - No it's not, it always puts in words I would never use and it takes longer for me to change them to what I want than it would for me to type the damn thing out myself.
C - You have to teach it! It'll learn eventually what words you use most.
Me - If I wanted to teach something, I'd have a child. I'm not teaching my damn phone!
C - This new phone has the best predictive text I've ever used. This is the first time I've had to change a suggestion.
Me - Oooooh that's impressive! It's learned what you like in two days! [/sarcasm]
C - I've sent like 10 messages since I got it!
Me - Wow! That's like, totally heaps!
C - There is documented evidence that predictive text is faster.
Me - I don't believe you.
C - Remember you and Mike had that race and he won.
Me - No he didn't, I did!
C - Did not.
Me - Did too! I won at least one of them! And I think we tied one as well....
C - Uh huh
Me - Hang on a the race I had with Mike your so called 'documented evidence'?
C - Evasively Well it was documented...because you sent it...
Me - You are such a cheater!

After that, everything Christian said got a 'And there's documented evidence to support your claim?' in response.

We had a lovely dinner and got home just after nine. And in true married couple tradition went straight to bed promptly fell asleep! Christian is still asleep now, 12 hours later! Obviously our debating tired him out!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Yet another Christian quip

I apologise for the lack of originality of my posts lately as they all seem to be 'Christian said this' but isn't it better than no posts at all?

Me - How's the job hunt going?
C - Neyh, there's nothing out there. Nothing good anyway.
Me - Have you heard anything from Lance's friend who said he'd keep an eye out?
C - No, but I didn't really expect to.
Me - Have you thought about trying an agency?
C - Oh fuck no.
Me - Why not?
C - Those people have no souls.
Me - Oh really?
C - It's true.
Me - I'm sure it is dear.
C - I'm sure they're all gingers...
Me - Uh huh, whatever you say.