Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Parties

I thought I'd take a break from doing holiday posts and do a quick one about my work Christmas parties.
I've been to two official ones this year, a branch specific one and one thrown by the social club.

Last year for our branch do we went on a river cruise and as we all had so much fun on that we decided to do the same thing again. There was a smaller crowd of us this time but our friends Jo and Myles were there and that was all that really mattered to us. I make Christian attend one of the parties and it's always the one that Myles makes it to.

Here's some photos of the night.

This is Amy and I. Amy is relatively new to the branch but we get along great. We've already been out after work together and had pedicures and foot massages done and other girly stuff.

Jo and Myles. Jo just looked absolutely stunning on the night.

Christian and Myles get up to some manly bonding. Last year they didn't really know each other very well and just sat there not talking but this year they actually conversed. Hurrah!

Christian and I. Isn't he just so cute?

Jo and I have a joke that I'm Myles' second wife and he's my other hubby. The she calls me a floosie but since she's actually madly in love with me I tell her that that makes her a floosie too. So this is Myles with his two floosies.

With my two husbands :)
The river cruise was fun but it's rather expensive. It's a hundred dollars a head and for that you get a buffet and all you can drink beer and wine. As Christian and I don't drink beer or wine we're basically paying two hundred bucks for dinner. It's lucky that we have such good company that it makes it a great night out anyway.

The second Christmas function was being held at Fraser's restaurant in King's Park. We were all looking forward to this one as Fraser's is a pretty spiffy place and the function held there several years ago was apparently pretty good.
We were only to be disappointed.
The view was great (always is at King's Park) but the food and the service were really bad and where we were sitting there was a huge gap in the patio blinds and so we froze our butts off.
Luckily a) it wasn't so expensive and b) yet again the company made the night and c) next year it will most likely be at Burswood which should be better.

Here's some pics from this night.

The boys didn't come along so Jo was my hot date fpr the evening.

Notice the change in hair colour? I thought I noticed you noticing ;-)

This is my Team Leader Heather and I. Heather has been whisked away to another branch for a couple of weeks and so we haven't really seen much of her and won;t up until Christmas.
This is Jess and I. A while back I said no to filling in for the Team Leader role while Heather was away and so they've been getting Jess to do the job.

Jo, Jess and I, the three musketeers.

Jo and Jess both look really pretty in this photo.

In this pic you can almost see my shoes! I'm wearing my new ones that make me a GIANT! Yay!

All the girls from the branch.

Pretty trees! These are the tree lights that weren't on when the Scots invaded. Dammit! I think we were too early back then. But they make the trees look so pretty! I kept on sneaking out through the gap in the patio blinds to take photos with the night setting on my camera.

This is Jo, Gordon and I. Gordy used to work at our branch but left when a lot of the business managers were moved into the new contact centres. He's just an absolute laugh and we've really missed him being about. He's actually on paternity leave at the moment to look after his son, little Gordy.

Quiet a while back half the branch were out at dinner for some leaving do or something and I was having a conversation with one of the managers from another branch. She was saying that she had never met Gordy but always heard stories about him from the BSR who would come back from meetings drooling. Just as I made the comment that I thought Gordy was hot and 'I'd do him any day' the entire table fell into one of those lulls in conversation and so I actually yelled that comment out for all to hear. I have yet to live that down but I also still stand by my statement ;-)

Dinner was served really late and so several people got really really drunk because they didn't get to eat until 10pm. One of these people was Sue. Sue is a lovely lady who I don't get to work very closely with as she's a customer service rep and not a teller but we get along really well. Last week on the cruise she had also gotten rather drunk and spent half the night telling Christian how nice I was and how lucky he was to have me and the other half kissing my cheek and trying to look under my dress. So you can see why I like her! lol.
This week she didn't drink as much but due to the lack of food still got rather intoxicated. I ended up looking after her again and made sure she managed the treacherous stairs that led down to the loos. She spent the rest of the night telling everyone who would listen that she was ok only because she had her Annie to look after her and kissing me on the cheek some more.
It's been a good month for Sue affections!

The night rolled to a close and even though no one had anything good to say about the venue (the DJ would have given my neighbour Andy a run for his money) we all raved about the good times we had with everyone there.
My night however was made on the drive home. I have never laughed so hard in my life!
Gordy lives just down the road from Jo and so when he found out we were there he begged a lift home. He was also very drunk by this stage and so it took a while to get him to the car since he wanted to stay behind the barrier and do tiger impressions.

We finally got him in the car and after dropping Heather and her friend off at the hotel they were staying at we headed off to my house. Gordy was in his element and Jo and I (who don't have the cleanest minds as it is) soon found oursleves matched for Gutter Mindness. It would have made a zealot blush but we didn't care, we were having a blast.
By the time we'd gotten to my house Gordy had made me change seats with him while waiting at the traffic lights, given us both a massage (he's a remedial therapist as well), sworn at us several times in Italian, screamed that he'd get shot dropping me off at home and announced rather matter of factly what he would have done to us if he was ten years younger and none of us were married. After I had been dropped off he also tried his very best to get an old granny to drag them and did an apparently very accurate Stevie Wonder impersonation before getting home and realising one of his mates had his keys and he would have to wake his wife up to get inside. When Jo left him he was knocking very softly on the door so one can only assume he was thinking he'd be in less toruble if he woke Pat up quietly than if he did it loudly?

I've spent the last couple of days getting photos printed and making collages. I always get lots of copies of the photos I take so everyone featured in the photos gets to take them home with them. It's nice to have those memories to keep don't you think?
Now all I have to do is get Christian to hang some hooks so I can put my collages up and I'll be all set...