Tuesday, December 26, 2006

All I want for Christmas

...is to be able to fucking breathe!

I went from bad to worse over the Christmas period with my asthma. On Christmas night I went to the after hours GP at Swan Districts hospital only to find it was closed. I guess we went after after hours. I didn't feel I was quite bad enough to go to ER so we called it an early one and headed home.

This morning I went to the doctors first thing and was seen by the most lovely doctor. She says that the attacks I've been having are allergy induced (curse those allergies of mine) and I'm lucky that they haven't been caused by a virus or bacteria as some people, like my sister have developed a bacteria type of pneumonia. She then gave me a script for some Prednisolone and told me to take tomorrow off work. I told her that if I had the day off then in all likelihood I would be fired. She then informs me 'If you can't give me your word that you'll have the day off to rest, I'll throw you in hospital for a week. Which one would your employer prefer?'

I took the doctors note and am making Christian ring my boss.

So all in all, it's probably been the worst Christmas ever for me. I got some lovely pressies though. From Christian I got a book, a perfume set and a dvd game of Charades by The Umbilical Brothers ,who those from the Edinburgh Trip may remember from our last night. Boo sent me some cool pirate socks and the funniest present ever.

Isn't it wonderful? I laughed and laughed when I saw it. *big hugs* for Boo!

I also got some more perfume from Jo and a Red Dwarf dvd, a frypan from Mum (don't give me that look, I asked for one!) some scales from Barb and Mike (I asked for stuff we need for the new house), Acci sent me a variety of cool things as my Secret Santa including a mug and a little gem tree and Smerk sent me a cute little dragonfly keyring. The postman still hasn't delivered Mouse's pressie yet so I still have a surprise waiting for me! I guess that will give me something to do while I sit at home feeling guilty from not being at work.

Well I hope your Christmas's went much better than mine and I look forward to reading all about them.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's heeeeeeeeeeeere!

Tis the night before Christmas and there wasn't a sound...

Actually it's the morning before Christmas (why can I never sleep in?) and there is a sound - my neb. Poor Christian has been kept awake all night with me hacking and coughing and when I finally get up he then has to put up with this.
I'm not too sure what's wrong with me, be it my asthma or some crazy contagious bacterial pneumonia that's making the rounds, but I have been having the hardest time breathing lately. Usually I'll need a neb (nebuliser to those who don't know asthmatic slang) maybe twice a year but I've been having two a day for the past four days. They leave me feeling like shit, all shaky and high on ventolin but they help a little.
I really should go to the doctors about it but I'm terrified he'll put me in hospital and there's no way in hell I'm missing out on Christmas. Maybe I'll go on Boxing day...

Anyway, I most likely won't see a lot of you over the next couple of days so I'll wish you a merry Christmas now and hope you all have the bestest one ever. Take care of yourselves and make sure you all have lots of fun.

*big hugs*

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Drunk virginity lost

I think I'm drunk.

I've just downed three Smirnoff Ices' in about 15 minutes, which is about 4 standard drinks. I can't really stand up properly and I've just knocked my mobile and lip gloss to the ground for no apparent reason.

The reason this teetotaller is drinking is because I've had a shockingly bad night. Let's just say the Triplet's 60th didn't go so well behind the scenes as we'd anticipated. When I can talk about it without bawling my eyes out, I'll do another post, but right now I am bawling so it will have to wait for another night.

Science Schmience

I understand that predicting the weather isn't an exact science, but I would have thought there would be enough science in it to get it pretty accurate. Not so yesterday.

Forecast - 36C

Actual - 42C

It was bloody hot!

We had our ten year high school reunion held at the Mundaring Weir Hotel and I almost melted. They have a pool there but there was no way in the world I was going swimming around old high school people. I have enough of a complex already thankyou very much. The kids went for a dip though and holding wet children can take the heat out of you.

I must apologise to Boo at this point as I promised her some photos of the day, but when I got there and realised what little interest I had in those people, I just didn't take any pics.

It was a bit of a turning point actually. Before I went I was on the verge of total panic, thinking the skanky hos I used to socialise with would still not find me good enough (even though Christian assured me I'm better than them all). I just couldn't help it, I've always measured myself by how others judge me, and so my self esteem has always been incredibly low. Even though it's clawed it's way up in the past few years, I knew it wouldn't take much to knock it on it's arse again.
Anyway, we got there, none of the skanky hos were there and I realised all the people I wanted to associate myself with were already in my circle of friends. I didn't need to drag up demons from the past.

We stayed for a few hours and then left, heading to Barb and Mikes' place for a proper fun time, my self esteem in tow.

Monday, December 11, 2006

A sad day

I got a phone call from Barb today while at work. She was bawling her eyes out, wanting to know if I could drop round after work to take her cat, Katz to the vet to be put to sleep. Mike was stuck in a meeting and she had no one else to help her. Katz has been sick for a while, and has had several cancerous tumours removed from both her ear canals, before finally having her ears removed. For several months she has resembled more ferret than cat. But the wounds weren't healing properly and she has been hiding under the kids' bed for the last two days, not eating or drinking and emitting quite an unpleasant smell.

So of course I said yes and prepared for the worst.
I don't really like cats in general, but I got along quite well with Katz and she seemed to like me too. I knew I would be really upset, which was confirmed when I stared crying before we even left Barbs house.
We got to the vet and the waiting room was packed, and I mean packed. You could hardly fit in the door, every seat was taken, there were animals and owners everywhere. So we're standing there and the thought runs through my head 'Great, we're going to have an audience for this' and then I just start bawling, right there. Barb just looks at me, her eyes welling and says 'It's my cat! I thought you were the moral support???' and I reply, tears streaming 'You betcha, I'm your rock'
I guess in any other circumstance, it would have been rather funny.

Katz must have been near the end as she went very quickly. There were lots of tears as we said our final goodbye and then we wrapped her up and drove up to Mums' place where we have our own pet cemetery.

It was really hard watching Barb cope and I know it's going to be just as hard when Tessa finally goes. She's 14 now which is getting on for a dog, so it's really just a matter of time. I can tell you honestly that that will be a day I'm not looking forward to at all.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's time to let your hair down

Well, this year sure has flown by. It only seems like a month ago that I was having a bbq at the Lake to celebrate Australia day, wasn't it just last week and I flew to Edinburgh? and I'm sure it was only yesterday that I turned 27...

And now the time has come for our work Christmas party.

This year we had several options for the do, from a wine tasting river cruise, an historic train ride, to a day at the races. The favourite seemed to be the races (my vote for the train came a close second) and so we set off today to Ascot Park for the Fruit and Veg Cup (where on Earth do they come up with these names???).

It was a lovely day I must say. I haven't been to the races as a growup yet, the last time being when I was 11 so I didn't really know what to expect. We had a couple of tables booked in The Terrace restaurant with our own little tvs, the weather was perfect and I found a head peice to wear that actually looked ok. I did manage to get rather sunburnt though, which shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you who regularly read this blog (I can't actually remember an outing I've told you about that I didn't get burnt). I won about nine bucks but lost about twenty five so I didn't have much beginners luck with the punting, but it was all in good fun. Here are a couple of pics for your enjoyment!

Me with Karen and Sandra who work the telling line

Not the most flattering pic in the world, but this is me with Olivia, a girl who trained up in our branch and now works at the next one over.

Jane, our BSR and Donna, my boss who hates photos being taken of her.

Some of the gang celebrating after having a trifecta win of $1200 (I should be lucky...)

I went to Donna's house beforehand to see her new foal, isn't she cute!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

And you are???

The Nintendo Wii had it's Australian release today.
I won't see my husband again for the next several months.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Ooh, pretty shiny things!

I was out shopping the other day with the intention of buying nothing when I came upon a set of pretty Christmas lights.

They were on sale and so inevitably found their way into my possession.
I have no will power when it comes to Christmas decorations on sale.

At the moment I find that I'm really really enjoying Frisky Dingo. Not to be mistaken with Malta

Frisky Dingo is an animated show that Christian has been downloading for us. It would have to be one the most hilarious shows I have ever seen. Seriously. If you want a good laugh, watch this show. I think Killface is my new hero.