Monday, December 11, 2006

A sad day

I got a phone call from Barb today while at work. She was bawling her eyes out, wanting to know if I could drop round after work to take her cat, Katz to the vet to be put to sleep. Mike was stuck in a meeting and she had no one else to help her. Katz has been sick for a while, and has had several cancerous tumours removed from both her ear canals, before finally having her ears removed. For several months she has resembled more ferret than cat. But the wounds weren't healing properly and she has been hiding under the kids' bed for the last two days, not eating or drinking and emitting quite an unpleasant smell.

So of course I said yes and prepared for the worst.
I don't really like cats in general, but I got along quite well with Katz and she seemed to like me too. I knew I would be really upset, which was confirmed when I stared crying before we even left Barbs house.
We got to the vet and the waiting room was packed, and I mean packed. You could hardly fit in the door, every seat was taken, there were animals and owners everywhere. So we're standing there and the thought runs through my head 'Great, we're going to have an audience for this' and then I just start bawling, right there. Barb just looks at me, her eyes welling and says 'It's my cat! I thought you were the moral support???' and I reply, tears streaming 'You betcha, I'm your rock'
I guess in any other circumstance, it would have been rather funny.

Katz must have been near the end as she went very quickly. There were lots of tears as we said our final goodbye and then we wrapped her up and drove up to Mums' place where we have our own pet cemetery.

It was really hard watching Barb cope and I know it's going to be just as hard when Tessa finally goes. She's 14 now which is getting on for a dog, so it's really just a matter of time. I can tell you honestly that that will be a day I'm not looking forward to at all.


Wolfbyte said...

A sad day indeed. Katz will be sorely missed

thunderstruck said...

I'm sorry, it's horrid losing a pet :( My older dog was put down on friday. Sucks muchly.
Give Barb a hug from me

ScarletManuka said...

Oh Thunder, I'm sorry to hear bout your doggie
*big hugs*
You're right, it does suck.

accipiter said...

I know it was rather rough when Fred passed on to that Great Veggie Patch In The Sky. He was really the only other member left of the family I'd had. But I'd given him a nice, happy, healthy and long (he was probably at least about 200 in millipede years!) life, so it was some comfort to think on that. I'd probably made a very positive difference in his life.

Perhaps we should all raise clams. That way they'll not only outlive us, but also outlive our great grandchildren. Then we won't have to worry about these things.