Sunday, October 29, 2006

Santa Claus is coming to town...

I got in trouble with Christian yesterday because I was getting all excited about Christmas.

'Annette, it's October' he told me and gave me 'a look'.
'It's almost November, and only eight weeks till Christmas' I replied and refrained from stating that I usually have the house fully decorated by now and he really shouldn't complain about my excitement levels.

The reason I was getting excited is because I've finished shopping for Christian's presents, they're fully wrapped, along with my nieces and one of my nephew's, my Mum's pressie and half of Christian's family.
Christian's mum is a triplet and that side of the family is very close. We go to his aunt's house for lunch every Christmas and so there's about 15 of us in the end once all the cousins and their kids are there. This year I've decided to make them all a personalised Christmas cracker (or bon bon as some people call them). For his female rellies I've bought a little charm each that can go on their mobile or key chain, I've written out a little odd spot on some Christmas paper and I'm including some chockies. For the blokes I'm at a bit of a loss to find things that are small enough to fit in a cracker but I'll most likely go for a magnet or keyring.
So yesterday I started making up some of the crackers and I got all excited.

I love Christmas!

Those of you who have been with me since 'the beginning' of this blog may remember my post about Christmas last October so I won't go over my reasons again, as it might bore you a little, but I can't stop from showing my excitement!

I missed the last Christmas shipping day for overseas so I'll have to wait until December to post my pressies for my international sleepover buddies and my secret Santa, but I'm sure I can hold out till then.

Ok, that's' all for now. I'm sure you're all nodding, smiling and backing away so I'll leave it at that.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

An Experiment

Well, Mike is really enjoying his blogger experience which is fantastic, especially when people comment on his blog. He was especially chuffed when Richard Giles made a comment on his first blog entry. Mike hadn't told Richard Giles that he had started a blog which has lead Mike and I to believe that Richard Giles is omnipotent (I'm also willing to admit that other more technological reasons may be behind this, but want to see proof first).

So Mike and I have devised an experiment, call it an online seance if you will.

I have never met Richard Giles. Richard Giles has never met me. I have only ever heard about Richard Giles through Mike. But, if I concentrate really hard, light some net-candles, play some creepy music and chant 'Richard Giles', Richard Giles', Richard Giles' over and over, will Richard Giles appear on my comments page?

Only the internet Gods know, so us mere mortals will have to wait and see...

Sunday, October 22, 2006


You may very well have heard me talking about my brother-in-law Mike on here (and if you haven't then you obviously weren't listening properly and can go and sit in the corner).
Well, Mike has decided to start up his own blog called One Track Mind, More Than One Train
I've also added him to my links over there *points to the right*
So, go and check him out, he's a bit of a funny bugger and is so much like us that it's got to be bad for him.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A bit of this, a bit of that

I spent the whole day with Barb, Mike and the kids today. We went out to Carousel, a big shopping centre in Cannington.
Carousel is miles and miles away from me (about 40 mins), it's all on one level and is so huge that it takes a good half hour of walking briskly to get from one end to the other (and when you do get there, your feet really hurt), and finally it has all the same stores that several closer centres have.

But still I go there.

And I enjoy going there. So does Barb. We're like the Carousel cheering squad. Odd.
The kids got a bit buggered though.

Aren't they just the cutest? Especially when they're asleep.

Can't half tell they're brothers, eh?

Anyway, onto more pressing concerns. I visited my Dad this morning and got some pics of the house to share with you all. Dad said he had some other pics floating around somewhere of the house with the garden looking pretty and the house actually clean but I didn't really want to wait for him to find them. Besides, hopefully, like me, you guys will be able to see the potential in the place.

Anyway, without further ado...

This is the house from the street.

This is the park across the road where I shall be walking the doggies.

This is the backyard, it's sooooo tiny compared to what I'm used to, but hopefully we'll be able to make a nice little entertaining area. Our bbq, table and chairs, a bit of garden, a small patio or some sails...I have so many plans!

This is the side yard. The swing set will be gone, but I'd like to maybe put in a fountain...

And finally, the only shot of inside (the rest of the house was far too messy, even for me!). This will be our lounge room, all it needs is our blue couches and a mountain of tangled game console cords and we'll be right at home!

And that concludes our tour for today, ladies and gentlemen. Please ensure seats and tables are placed back into their upright positions and that all hand luggage is removed from the overhead lockers.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's settled then.

Hurrah! Christian and I are officially homeowners! Settlement went through at 3pm today, with no hitches or glitches. I'm very excited.

Christian on the other hand, not so much.

I think it's a boy thing...

Anyway, so it's all good and I can start making plans. We probably won't be moving in until December/January though as we don't know for sure when Dad's residency will go through. I'll try and get there sometime soon and get some pics for you guys :)

So the house is now settled, now all we have to do is get me pregnant...
I went to the docs yesterday to get myself checked out and over the next month I have so much to do! At certain times during my cycle I have to go in for blood tests, plus I have to go for an ultrasound (so, as the doc put it, we can see if I got all the right bits from my mummy and daddy!), then once those results are back I have to go back and most likely have a physical...and then there's stuff Christian has to do. I won't go there as he'll divorce me if he finds out I told, but you're all smart, intelligent people, I'm sure you can figure it out!
The doctor was very reassuring and told me that in two years I'll most likely have a baby so I shouldn't stress. Obviously she doesn't know me at all! But I'll do my best not to.

And that's about it for now. Until next time!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ho Hum, Diddly Doo

Not doing much right now. Christian is helping Mark out with another track day (has it been a month alreday???) so I went down the hill this morning. I went to the gym as I've only gone once this week and I'm feeling like a big fat heffa, then I went for some retail therapy. I found a lovely dress that is rather flattering so I bought two, one white and the other purple (I pause here for Boo to cringe over the colours ;-P ) plus some more gym gear as I've only really got trackie daks and jumpers, no summer gear. Then I went to Barb's place where we dumped the kids with Mikey and went to Officeworks. Have I ever mentioned that I have a stationary fettish? We had much fun and many stationary orgasms later we headed off to some furniture shops. I don't know why, but I rather like browsing around furniture shops.

Anyway, here's the pics from the show I promised.

Well, I'm sure you all know about 'the line' by now. Smerk and I thought we'd have some fun with it. The joke was on us however when we realised we'd written it on upside down...

Smerk, looking pretty as usual.

Chira and Caleb (who you can't really see) in the helicopters.

Perrrrrrdy fireworks!

Look at the pretty colours!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's Showtime!

Well, it's Tuesday morning and I'm not looking forward to going to work. We had a public holiday yesterday for the Queen's Birthday (don't ask me which Queen but it's obviously not the same as everyone else in Australia because we all celebrate it on different dates...) and I was grateful for the extra day off. Still, I don't want to go to work.

Anyway, the weekend was pretty good. Saturday we had my sister and her family over as well as Mike to watch the AFL Grand Final. I didn't watch it but instead was put in charge of burning some cow on the bbq (which I did exceptionally well - it was black once I'd finished. Oops). The West Aussie team, the Eagles who had made the Final won by a point and so all weekend I had to put up with the celebrations.
Mike stayed around till 7:30 that night and then we decided we'd go and see a movie. We saw Beerfest which was very funny, very silly and required no thinking on my part so it was perfect as I was bloody tired by that point.

Sunday I went to the Perth Royal Show with my sisters and Smerk. The Show is supposed to be an agricultural day where the country comes to the city to show off cows, horses and farm produce. However, it has been much corrupted over the years in the same way as Christmas has and so now it's mainly about the rides, sideshow alley and showbags. It is a day for the kids though, and so we spent most of the day standing and waiting - waiting for the baby to be fed, waiting while the kids went on rides, waiting in line for their showbags, waiting while the blokes took the kids and two prams through the crowds to see the baby animal nursery, waiting for the get the point I'm sure.
It was a long day but it was fun and it was great to catch up with Smerk. I've taken some pics but I don't have time just yet to load them but I'll try and get that done in the next day or two.

My last day of the long weekend was a very restless one by me. I was bored but didn't want to go out, I wasn't in the mood to jump on the net, there were no movies I wanted to watch but instead started watching F1, only to fall asleep on the couch. I had slept in late that morning so I don't know why I was tired, but sleep again I did. I was woken up by a bird in the house that had gotten in from the open French doors. I then mosied around until I found myself reading my book. But I kept on asking Christian if he wanted to do anything but he didn't really want to go out either. It was one of those really annoying days where doing nothing is too much but not doing something is boring.
Does that make any sense?
So really, I should be glad I'm going back to work toady, but I'm not. I just want to curl up on the couch and go to sleep...