Sunday, October 29, 2006

Santa Claus is coming to town...

I got in trouble with Christian yesterday because I was getting all excited about Christmas.

'Annette, it's October' he told me and gave me 'a look'.
'It's almost November, and only eight weeks till Christmas' I replied and refrained from stating that I usually have the house fully decorated by now and he really shouldn't complain about my excitement levels.

The reason I was getting excited is because I've finished shopping for Christian's presents, they're fully wrapped, along with my nieces and one of my nephew's, my Mum's pressie and half of Christian's family.
Christian's mum is a triplet and that side of the family is very close. We go to his aunt's house for lunch every Christmas and so there's about 15 of us in the end once all the cousins and their kids are there. This year I've decided to make them all a personalised Christmas cracker (or bon bon as some people call them). For his female rellies I've bought a little charm each that can go on their mobile or key chain, I've written out a little odd spot on some Christmas paper and I'm including some chockies. For the blokes I'm at a bit of a loss to find things that are small enough to fit in a cracker but I'll most likely go for a magnet or keyring.
So yesterday I started making up some of the crackers and I got all excited.

I love Christmas!

Those of you who have been with me since 'the beginning' of this blog may remember my post about Christmas last October so I won't go over my reasons again, as it might bore you a little, but I can't stop from showing my excitement!

I missed the last Christmas shipping day for overseas so I'll have to wait until December to post my pressies for my international sleepover buddies and my secret Santa, but I'm sure I can hold out till then.

Ok, that's' all for now. I'm sure you're all nodding, smiling and backing away so I'll leave it at that.


thunderstruck said...

No, my and a few of my friends were getting exited about all the nodding santas and such that we found when looking for halloween decorations. It's perfectly reasonable! Although I need to get a move on with buying pressies, been slow this year!

ps, you posted this twice :) but the top one wouldnt let me comment, dunno why

ScarletManuka said...

I had actually deleted that top post love when I realised it posted it twice but for some reason it wouldn't drop off the main page like it did on my dashboard. It's gone now though...

smerk said...

*sigh* I managed to post on the top post...oh well, not that I said anything that interesting. ;-)

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

I love Christmas, but I hold off celebrating it until after Halloween, Bonfire Night and my birthday. ;-)