Saturday, November 04, 2006

6.1% Term Deposits on Daylight!

I know that the majority of the world assumes daylight savings when summer comes knocking, but WA has shunned it for years.

We had it trialled for a year back in the late 80's (I think - I was about 10 or 11, or even maybe 12 so around about the change of the decade anyway) and it didn't do much for the people of the
west because in three consecutive referendums it was shot down.

Now, why do we need to save daylight? Electricity I can understand. That comes from valuable resources that are for the most part non-renewable and so we need to conserve them. Water, pretty much the same thing - there's only so much of it to go around. But sunlight? Heck, the sun's pretty big and with the hole in the ozone layer sitting pretty above this little island of ours, well let's just say I think we're getting our fair share. Do we really need to put a little bit of daylight away each day, in our little sunshine piggy banks, for a rainy day???

Now however there's been a call by politicians to bring it back (most likely because the businesses want it). They 'say' that enough time has passed that we have a new generation now that deserves the chance to experience daylight savings for themselves. This generation were just babies last time we had it, so why not give them a choice?

And herein lies my biggest issue. I'm not even really that dead set against daylight savings itself (it doesn't particularly faze me). What does bother me is that the pollies want to give this new generation the chance to mess with nature and conform it to humans expectations, but we don't actually get a say in whether we want it or not.

You see, the way it's going down is that the clocks get turned back come December 3, and every summer after for the next three years, and then, and only then will we go to a referendum to see if the people agree. Even though there has been a consistency in the past to let nature do what it intended to do, the politicians are going to walk over our right to a vote and force us into a three year trial.

Gah, it annoys me!

If they're so sure that this is what the people want, why not just let us have our say? Hell, trial it for a year and then let us vote, but don't force it on us for three years!

But, what's this? Do you see that? Oh my God! It's the big businesses that fund the election campaigns! *gasp* Who would have seen that coming?

Obviously not me.


thunderstruck said...

Just ignore it. Turn up for work as ya do now... dont bother with the time alteration and get the whole of aussieland to join you in protest. I dont really see the point either, if they stuck with the winter times in the summer too then all would be dandy.

jo said...

hey little sister, i finally got it done. talk soon

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

As I said to you before... seems like a load of shite to me!

accipiter said...

Protest, Nettie! Break away from Australia, and form your own independent Republic of Perth!

Just be sure that your constitution is really lenient on letting people visit from Maryland. . .