Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Jolly Good Start to the Long Weekend

It's currently a little after mid day on Christmas Eve. I've only had two hours sleep and I'm absolutley knackered. I should probably have a nap so I don't zonk out tonight, but there's just so much to do before the Big Day tomorrow. I'll just take a short break so I can finish this post.

The reason I'm so buggered, is that last night I went out with Christian and a bunch of people from his work. They had their Christmas bash yesterday (a yacht trip out to Rotto for the day - not too shabby if you ask me) and they decided to follow it up with a night out. One of the guys Nas, was flown over from Melbourne for the weekend as he is the man on the ground over there, and he was not yet aquainted with the exciting bustling night life of Perth (I'm sorry, did my sarcasm hit too hard?).

Anyway, the night's entertainment was an absolute disaster. We had gone to a club one of the guys recommended as a band he liked were playing. Little did we know, it was a Goth club and every freak under the sun was there (I will take a moment to digress here and clarify that I don't persoanlly have anything against Goths in general - just the ones who where at this club last night). For instance, I would have thought a grown woman walking around with a plastic baby with large jaggard cuts all over it's head, would be a one way ticket to a mental institution. But nooooo, it's considered the new 'in' thing.

So we left there shortly after midnight and wandered through Northbridge, playing 'spot the R33' and when we had bored Nas to tears, we took a run up to King's Park and climbed Jacob's Tower (a DNA like structure that gives a wonderful view of our quaint little city). We chatted for a bit and the guys got absolutely pissed before we dropped everyone back home.

I had an absolutely fantastic time. Why? I hear you ask. Good question. It all comes back to the flirt in me. I had just spent an evening with 5 of the sexiest guys in all of Perth. I had trouble keeping the drool off my chin all night. It was extremely fun, especially when you're the only chick in the group. I always have lots of fun with one of the guys in particular because we spend the whole night baiting each other and giving the other as much shit as we can.

Anyway, Christian and I got home about 5ish in the morning and by the time we finally got to bed and then to sleep, it was almost time to wake up.

I'll give you a trip I learned today. When you don't really want to wake up after only a few hours sleep, go and get your legs waxed. I tell you, when the beauty therapist yanked that first strip off, I was as wide awake as I'm ever gonna be.

Enough of my rambling (I do apologise for the disjointed style). Take care guys and once again, have a wonderful Chrissy.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm assuming that over the next few days we won't succeed much in getting the whole gang together at once, so I'm just wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas now.

*Warning - soppy stuff ahead*

I never imagined that I would ever meet such a fun, friendly, intelligent, hilarious, affectionate, all-round wonderful bunch of people and I am looking forward to meeting you all so very much.
Thanks for keeping my entertained this last year. I feel very honoured to be part of our little fraternity!

*soppy part over*

So remember to be good children or else Santa won't visit you!
Boo, enjoy the pressie I sent you.
Mort, don't get so drunk that you sleep with everyone, be selective!
Chary, let your hair down and have fun.
Acci and Smerk, try to enjoy the day, you may not be together in the flesh, but I'm sure you'll be together in spirit.
Iri, don't be disappointed when Santa doesn't bring you a scantily clad Boo for Christmas!

Have a fun day filled with laughter guys.
*hugs and kisses*

Monday, December 19, 2005

Late night chats

Last night Boo and I had another proper chat on the phone. Actually, it was late last night for me and early afternoon for her, but I digress.

We met up on MoH forum and then got onto msn where we proceeded to attempt an audio chat via there. Unfortuantely, Boo either doesn't have a sound card or her pc doesn't recognise it, so we couldn't actually chat through msn, but I did get video from her web cam. I phoned then, as it's just easier chatting on the phone than typing and we had a nice long conversation.

Just over four hours.

I worry that everyone else at the sleepover won't be able to get a word in with us about! But we had loads of fun again and it really hammered it home that we get along like a house on fire. I finally found my own web cam and when Christian got home, he installed the software again and so we eventually had live video footage of us both sitting in front of our computers with our phones glued to our ears.

We talked about many, many things but I must say, not too much about May. I thought that that would be all we'd talk about but we broadened our horizons quite a bit. Maybe it was easier to talk of everyday issues because we could actually see each other and had a better understanding of each other, or maybe we are just getting to know each other better and better.

We both got glimses of 'The Hubbies' but as both are quiet and shy, they didn't really emerge from the background much, but we did shout hello to Matt and Christian.

So, we are both getting ridiculously excited about meeting each other and you will probably find us almost unbearable over the next couple of months, but that's just your tough luck ;-)

I'm sure we'll have many more long phone chats, but I must say, I just hope Christian is in a loving mood when he gets the phone bill!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Domestic Goddess

Today has been spent getting most of my Christmas baking out of the way.
This year, instead of buying ridiculously expensive presents for my friends, I'm going to make them all individual hampers, as we are saving for a house deposit and every dollar counts (I'm not being a grinch, honest). Also, I'm making icecream for dessert on Christmas day, so I'm right into the baking at the moment (I just hope my hips don't enjoy it as much...).
Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my recipes with you all, since I'm sure you're all very interested in them (at least you can pretend to be interested...)

1. Cookie and Cream icecream

600ml cream
1 cup condensed milk
I packet chocolate biscuits

Whip cream, condensed milk and vanilla for approx 10 minutes with electric beater, or until thick and creamy. Mix in roughly chopped biscuits and transfer to a suitable container (an old plastic icecream container is good). Freeze overnight.

Note - before serving, allow to soften for five minutes as I broke a spoon the first time I made this. It gets very hard.

2. Chocolate balls ( I know what you're thinking Boo, but please try and keep your mind out of the gutter)

1 packet plain biscuits (I used Nice biscuits but non-aussies won't know what they are)
I can condensed milk
3 tablespoons of coccoa
1/2 cup descicated coconut
extra coconut for rolling

Mix dry ingredients together. Add condensed milk and mix. Form into small balls, roll in coconut and chill in fridge or freezer.

3. Almond Biscotti

3 and 3/4 cups self raising (all purpose) flour
2 cups sugar
1 t baking powder
1/4 t salt
4 large eggs
1 t vanilla
1/4 t almond extract
1 and 2/3 whole blanched almonds, toasted and coarsely chopped

Mix dry ingredients. Whisk eggs, vanilla and almond extracts and add to dry indredients, forming into a dough (you may need to add a T of milk to mix properly). Add almonds and knead several times. Divide into forths and form into logs. Place on greased and floured trays and bake for 35 minutes at 180C. Cut into segments and bake 7mins either side or until slightly brown. Cool and store in an sirtight container.

I would give you the recipe for my Nana's famous German Shortbread biscuits, but then she would come back from the grave to kill me. So, I won't risk it.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Public Toilet Enemies

My sisters took me out today as my car was in for a service and apart from running me to my chiropractor, we also braved a major shopping centre.

Now, a little backstory here, just to bring you all up to speed. I used to be a very polite person. Even if someone was horrendously rude to me, I wouldn't say anything. That all changed however when I became an aunty. You see, as an aunty, I began to frequent baby change rooms while we were out, at shopping centres and restaurants. Now, if there is one thing that shits me more than anything else, it's people who use the toilets in baby changes when they don't have kids. I have many a time stood outside a locked toilet door, pram next to me loaded with baby, shopping and a stuffed nappy bag, older neice in hand as she hops from one foot to the other, trying not to pee her pants. Eventually the door opens, and out steps an adult woman, who is incapable of following the clearly marked signs to the ladies room.
The nerve of some people! Do they think that if we could fit a pram into any other cubicle, that we would not do it??? There is a kiddie toilet for a reason!

Anyway, I got so fed up with this practise, that I've started commenting, loudly. It's usually along the lines of "Gee, don't you hate it when inconsiderate people use the kiddie toilet when they don't have kids?"

Anyway, to cut a long story short, this occurred today and I had a shouting match with a lady who happened to work at the centre. She justified using the kiddie toilet because apparently there was a queue at the other ones and she had to get back to work. In the end she walked out before I could threaten to throw urine soaked knickers at her as my neice is still toilet training.

Anyway, there's no real point to this. I just wanted to gripe.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Back to the garden

This weekend I had planned to spend in my garden. Christian had abandoned me in favour of a nerd gathering (LAN) and I was going to be by myself Friday night and all day Saturday. Perfect for getting stuff done that I've been putting off for a couple of weeks.

So I got home from work on Friday and went over to visit my mum. My sister and her kids were staying there for the night as her hubby was also attending the nerd gathering. We had a lot of fun, the kids are always a laugh. My cousin and his wife called in briefly as they were leaving for Thailand Saturday morning to pick up their new baby boy! (adoption was finally approved) so all in all it was a nice family evening.

Saturday morning and I attack my backyard. I won't bore you with the details but let's just say I discovered some paving that hadn't seen daylight in several years. Christian got home very late and I went to bed early as I was absolutely buggered.

I woke up ridiculously early this morning and went down the hill to Bunnings to get some plants. I returned home with three roses and a couple of pots of potted colour. I dug some nice big holes for my new roses and was just soaking them when I felt it. The twinge in my back. Oh, it's nothing I thought. Wrong! How could I be so stupid as to ignore it and keep going? I had just finished planting the potted colours and had to stop. Several minutes later I could hardly walk. So I ended up in bed praying that tomorrow I'll get in to see my chiro.

Sigh. So now I'm in immense pain and I have three roses sitting outside waiting to be planted. I can almost hear their mournful sighs upon the wind...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dilemmas, dilemmas

I have a friend at the moment who has split up with his wife in the last couple of months.

Problem is, I'm not really supposed to know about it. This guy (who I won't name because there's a chance people who know him may read this, I'll call him Bill) is a really good friend of my husband and I. Christian has known him since the beginning of high school and I met him through Christian.

Bill and his wife have been together for years (almost as long as Christian and I have been) and no one really had any idea what was going on. Unfortunately due to distances between where we live, we don't see him very often so we mainly catch up on the internet or via sms. A while ago Christian started to get a bit worried as Bill wasn't rerurning calls or texting back. Another friend (well call him Fred) went to see Bill and was told all about the breakup. Bill was in a really bad state and Fred was really worried, so he went to Christian for advice.

Now, we can debate over the moral issues of Fred telling Christian this for hours, but Fred was really worried and he really thought this was in Bill's best interests so I'm not going to discuss it any further.

Christian and Fred took Bill out for the day to cheer him up but it didn't really work and he seems to be getting really bad. We had a phonecall from Fred last night and he was saying that Bill had called him, really drunk and saying he wanted to just end it all and he couldn't live without his wife.

Now, I am really worried too and I wanted Christian to call Bill and make sure he's ok, but Christian says that he can't, because officially he doesn't know about it. I sent Bill an sms asking him to come over for Christmas but haven't heard anything back yet.

I just don't know what to do. Should we respect Bill's privacy and his wish for no one to know, or should I go bang down his door and make sure he's ok. I just don't want him doing anything silly and I also want him to know that there are people who love him and are thinking about him.


I know I'll end up respecting his wishes and will stay quiet, but I don't know if that's the right thing to do. I don't want to look back in hindsight after something terrible has happened and think 'Maybe I could have made a difference'.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Phone calls, comedies and Christmas shopping.

Last night, just after 10pm, I phoned Boo for the very fisrt time. We were so excited that we were actually going to be talking properly, I had been looking forward to it all day.

The first thing she said to me was 'God, you're Australian!' and I thought she sounded so sophisticated and grown up with her Scottish accent. It was rather weird to finally be talking instead of typing, but we had so much fun. We both thought we were exactly like we were on the MoH forum and just know that we're going to have an absoulte blast when we meet next May.

We spoke for about two and a half hours but it seemed to fly by. We have so much in common, from how fast we read books, opinions and ideas for the trip, to the intelligence and stubborness of our husbands. I really feel like I've known Boo for years.

When we finally stopped chatting (I think she's come to realise just how much I actually talk), I went to bed, nursing sore ears from holding the phone for so long.

Of course, I didn't sleep in this morning, being a day off and not having to get up for any reason in particular. So I spent the morning cleaning and doing washing (oh hurrah hurrah, the fun never stops around here!) and then went out with Christian this arvo so he could buy another game for the DS I gave to him as an early Christmas present.

We went out to a shopping centre called Carousel. It's in Cannington, which is about 40 plus km's from our house and we were regretting it from right about the time we entered the carpark. I've finished all my Christmas shopping and so was a little naive of the fact that every single person in Perth would be descending upon this one centre, this particular afternoon to do their own Christmas shopping. It took us half an hour to find a parking spot and it was that far away from the entrance that it took us about half an hour to walk there.

Christian traded some of his PS2 games for a new DS game and I finally got around to buying a copy of Love Actually. We watched it when we got home and I laughed and bawled my eyes out throughout the whole movie. I love that film. I must admit I have a bit of a soft spot for romantic comedies. Most of the movies I watch are sci-fi's or fantasy, or martial arts movies, but I don't mind a bit of Hugh Grant once in a while.

And that's been my Saturday so far.