Monday, December 12, 2005

Public Toilet Enemies

My sisters took me out today as my car was in for a service and apart from running me to my chiropractor, we also braved a major shopping centre.

Now, a little backstory here, just to bring you all up to speed. I used to be a very polite person. Even if someone was horrendously rude to me, I wouldn't say anything. That all changed however when I became an aunty. You see, as an aunty, I began to frequent baby change rooms while we were out, at shopping centres and restaurants. Now, if there is one thing that shits me more than anything else, it's people who use the toilets in baby changes when they don't have kids. I have many a time stood outside a locked toilet door, pram next to me loaded with baby, shopping and a stuffed nappy bag, older neice in hand as she hops from one foot to the other, trying not to pee her pants. Eventually the door opens, and out steps an adult woman, who is incapable of following the clearly marked signs to the ladies room.
The nerve of some people! Do they think that if we could fit a pram into any other cubicle, that we would not do it??? There is a kiddie toilet for a reason!

Anyway, I got so fed up with this practise, that I've started commenting, loudly. It's usually along the lines of "Gee, don't you hate it when inconsiderate people use the kiddie toilet when they don't have kids?"

Anyway, to cut a long story short, this occurred today and I had a shouting match with a lady who happened to work at the centre. She justified using the kiddie toilet because apparently there was a queue at the other ones and she had to get back to work. In the end she walked out before I could threaten to throw urine soaked knickers at her as my neice is still toilet training.

Anyway, there's no real point to this. I just wanted to gripe.


smerk said...


Some people don't have the patience to queue up like the rest of us.

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

People are so rude sometimes. I treat people like I would want to be treated, but it doesn't seem to work in a karmic way.
Oh well.

accipiter said...

I'm usually polite enough to people, unless they annoy me. In which case I either give them the whole "aloof ignoring" attitude or else kick them in the knee.

Mort said...

I confess i have used a changing toilet on a few desperate occasions when i've not had Cameron with me, but only when the Male toilets were shut for cleaning.

What does bother me though is people who don't move aside wheni ask them nicely and i have Cammy in his pushchair. THAT IS SO RUDE! I eventually resort to ramming the chair into their ankles, he he.

accipiter said...

You need to get a pushchair with big blades on the sides of the wheels, Mort, like the chariots in Ben Hur (or whatever it was). . .