Monday, December 19, 2005

Late night chats

Last night Boo and I had another proper chat on the phone. Actually, it was late last night for me and early afternoon for her, but I digress.

We met up on MoH forum and then got onto msn where we proceeded to attempt an audio chat via there. Unfortuantely, Boo either doesn't have a sound card or her pc doesn't recognise it, so we couldn't actually chat through msn, but I did get video from her web cam. I phoned then, as it's just easier chatting on the phone than typing and we had a nice long conversation.

Just over four hours.

I worry that everyone else at the sleepover won't be able to get a word in with us about! But we had loads of fun again and it really hammered it home that we get along like a house on fire. I finally found my own web cam and when Christian got home, he installed the software again and so we eventually had live video footage of us both sitting in front of our computers with our phones glued to our ears.

We talked about many, many things but I must say, not too much about May. I thought that that would be all we'd talk about but we broadened our horizons quite a bit. Maybe it was easier to talk of everyday issues because we could actually see each other and had a better understanding of each other, or maybe we are just getting to know each other better and better.

We both got glimses of 'The Hubbies' but as both are quiet and shy, they didn't really emerge from the background much, but we did shout hello to Matt and Christian.

So, we are both getting ridiculously excited about meeting each other and you will probably find us almost unbearable over the next couple of months, but that's just your tough luck ;-)

I'm sure we'll have many more long phone chats, but I must say, I just hope Christian is in a loving mood when he gets the phone bill!


accipiter said...

Eh, my try using MSN voice chat to Australia didn't work, either. Maybe it's an Australian thing. We in the Northern Hemisphere have to turn our computers upside-down in order for the connections to mesh properly, perhaps. . .

Anyway, it's great that you two are having so much fun!

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Nah, Acci.
It was something about my voice card (or lack thereof). It's the new computer, so it was my first attempt at using it on here.

Nettie, I love talking to you, but I do feel very guilty about your phone bill!

LaMa said...

MSN voice is always troublesome in my experience, although last time Boo and me tried (but that was on the old 'puter') it miracuously did work for once. That's why I prefer Skype for a voice over internet connection

And good to hear the webcam is actually used... :-p My own small contribution to this small blooming UK-Aussie internet romance, errr... ;-p

ScarletManuka said...

Don't worry at my phone bill love. It's actually not that expensive coz I use voip, we'll just have to limit the chats to under four hours each time!

Charybdis said...

Boo never chats with me. She just lets me enjoy the experience of staring at the top of her head while on webcam, which is not in the same league with staring at the top of her head in real life. :P

I've never had problems with Yahoo Messenger, and I feel it's a lot smarter and less ad intrusive than MSN.