Sunday, February 25, 2007

I succumbed

Well I guess a change is as good as a holiday...

A frolick in the park

The other day Christian and I went for a picnic in Hyde Park, a gorgeous park near the city that played host to out wedding. I took my trusty camera along for the ride and here's what we captured...

As we walked into the park, we saw this construction high on a power pole, obviously a sleeping hut for the local bats - or Batcave if you will :) We didn't see any others around so they must have to flip a coin for the right to snooze amidst it's battish comforts...

Living in the metro area I find that we sometimes forget about the drought that we're currently experiencing. Hyde Park has two lakes in it's centre, this one has completely dried up. I was very sad to see it in such a state.

The Black Swan is the emblem animal of Western Australia and is beautiful creature. We don't have native white swans here, I have grown up knowing only the black ones. Whenever I see a white swan I get very excited as it's so different to what the rest of the world knows. Despite their beauty, they're nasty little shits and can be the bane of any picnic. They have a tendency to bite and if you're not careful they can sneak up on you from behind!

Before we had our dinner we went for a walk around the park. Completely randomly we ran across our friend Jason who we hadn't seen in ages. He was stuck traipsing home with a bike one of his work mates had lent him and the unicycle he had gone to work with. Knowing he was going to practise on the unicycle after work, he'd caught the bus instead of driving, not knowing his friend was bringing him the bike that day too! When I told him I was taking pictures of weird and wonderful things (and that I considered his three wheel trek home to be weird in the least) he happily obliged me a photo!

We went to find ourselves somewhere to sit for dinner and we came across this palm tree and were rather surprised. The tree hadn't been there before! How do we know? It was in the exact spot that we exchanged vows! For some reason, the council had lugged by truck and then crane a twenty foot palm tree that does not fit in at all with the surrounding gardens. Go figure.

We finally sat down for dinner and we watching the large amount of avian life slowly gravitating towards us. There were an awful amount of ducks and I asked Christian what it would be like to die by duck. He said it would most likely be slow and painful as they have bills, not beaks so we wouldn't even get pecked to death. Suddenly a couple of coots scared off the ducks and advanced towards us. Obviously there was a bounty on our heads and the coots wanted to claim it. I took a photo of them so the authorities would have photographic evidence of our murderers. Look at them - pure evil!

I really like this lamp. It reminds me very much as the one in Narnia.
And finally, as we were leaving I snapped this graffiti on the lid of a bin. It was so happy!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Moonbeams and unicorns

Today's post was going to be spectacular! It was going to involve lots of wonderful photos, witty captions, deep and meaningful philosophies, scintillating remarks on the depth of the intelligence of my fellow bloggers, plus a set of amazingly sharp steak knives from Demtel, able to cut through a tomato with ease moments after sawing through a leather boot!

But then that's too much effort.

I will throw in an amazing peice of trivia which is bound to bring converstaion at your next dinner party to a compete and utter stop.

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12345678987654321

How cool is that???

Yup, just as I thought. You're speechless. I know, that's how I was when I first found out. I'll give you a moment to compose yourselves, please, take your time, it's important you don't stand up too quickly, or you might fall over.

Rightio then. Have I just completely wasted almost a full post on ridiculously useless stuff?
I believe I have!

On a final note, I once again have managed to get sunburnt. Just on my arms though. I was wearing a hat, sunnies and a collared shirt. I must have forgotten the sunscreen...
On a happier note, I now have some lovely garden beds out the front of my house.
And yes, when everyone comes to visit next year, Matt and I will have a 'who can get sunburnt the quickest' competition...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pyjama Party

I'm on holidays at the moment which is wonderful as it gives me the chance to get stuff done that I normally don't have time for. For instance, my older sister Jo moved down south a while ago and now she lives about an hour away. So we decided that I would come down and have a sleepover with her and my niece Darcie.

We played with Shiver, the puppy, went for a huge long walk on the beach and got up to some exploring off the beaten track, had fish and chips on the Esplanade in Rockingham and then played a game of Junior Monopoly (in which I told Darcie she had won as there was a temper tantrum in the works - she hates to lose).

I took my trusty camera with me, and so here will follow a heap of photos that you may find interesting, or they may put you to sleep. Just in case, I have my air horn close at hand.

The view of the bay from the Esplanade

These trees are cool

I tried to take a photo of a wave coming up the shore but was a bit slow on the uptake

I love that there are no human footprints. Fido must have been out for a wander...

The cliffs along the beach are made up of sandstone and make the coolest caves over time.

This is the photo I helped Darcie take. It didn't quite show the bridge in the background very clearly, but I love the tree in the foreground of the shot.

This is one of my favourite shots of the isolated rock with the sun shining just so...

I love the way this rock was just sticking up out of nowhere

Riddle me this - how does birdpoo get on the inside of a gazebo roof???

Darce and I in our jarmies.

My niece must think I'm an amusement park ride...I get climbed all over!

Hey look, it's a deer caught in some headlights!

Shiver, the puppy. She's going to be huge!

Rightio, that concludes the photo show for today girls and boys. Hope you enjoyed it.

And on a final note, seeing as I'm not a mod on here and don't have to act responsibly, I would just like to say that Stephen, aka X is a complete tosspot.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back in the 21st century

We are officially back into the modern era as we now have our internet connected! It didn't take nearly as long as we expected it would and therefore we rejoice. If you consider I'm on two weeks holidays as of this weekend, you can see I'm a very happy Nettie.

Monday was our 'big' move. We hired a truck and coerced a mate into helping out (God bless beer!). It felt like we moved twice though. We had to come here and pack up all of Dad's stuff, take it up the hill to dump in my Mum's shed, then we went to our old house, packed up all of our stuff and then come and dump it here.
And dumped it has been.
There is crap everywhere. You can hardly move as we've just placed furniture wherever it will fit and we'll bother about where to put it later.

By the end of Monday we were all exhausted and figure that the rest can wait until the weekend. Once it's all sorted I'll post some before and after pics of the house so you can all see my own little 'castle'.