Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pyjama Party

I'm on holidays at the moment which is wonderful as it gives me the chance to get stuff done that I normally don't have time for. For instance, my older sister Jo moved down south a while ago and now she lives about an hour away. So we decided that I would come down and have a sleepover with her and my niece Darcie.

We played with Shiver, the puppy, went for a huge long walk on the beach and got up to some exploring off the beaten track, had fish and chips on the Esplanade in Rockingham and then played a game of Junior Monopoly (in which I told Darcie she had won as there was a temper tantrum in the works - she hates to lose).

I took my trusty camera with me, and so here will follow a heap of photos that you may find interesting, or they may put you to sleep. Just in case, I have my air horn close at hand.

The view of the bay from the Esplanade

These trees are cool

I tried to take a photo of a wave coming up the shore but was a bit slow on the uptake

I love that there are no human footprints. Fido must have been out for a wander...

The cliffs along the beach are made up of sandstone and make the coolest caves over time.

This is the photo I helped Darcie take. It didn't quite show the bridge in the background very clearly, but I love the tree in the foreground of the shot.

This is one of my favourite shots of the isolated rock with the sun shining just so...

I love the way this rock was just sticking up out of nowhere

Riddle me this - how does birdpoo get on the inside of a gazebo roof???

Darce and I in our jarmies.

My niece must think I'm an amusement park ride...I get climbed all over!

Hey look, it's a deer caught in some headlights!

Shiver, the puppy. She's going to be huge!

Rightio, that concludes the photo show for today girls and boys. Hope you enjoyed it.

And on a final note, seeing as I'm not a mod on here and don't have to act responsibly, I would just like to say that Stephen, aka X is a complete tosspot.



smerk said...

Hear hear about Stephen...

And I saw those cow pyjamas a few days ago in a store and thought that they'd be up your alley.

ScarletManuka said...

I already have a pair on their way to Boo as we speak!

thunderstruck said...

Thanks for the pics :) And I agree about steph!

Mouse said...

The photos are lovely, and I so agee with the tosspot comment!

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Fifthing my support for the Stephen comment.
The pictures are dead pretty...


oppiejoe said...

Pretty pics... love the hair

Tosspot... lol