Thursday, February 22, 2007

Moonbeams and unicorns

Today's post was going to be spectacular! It was going to involve lots of wonderful photos, witty captions, deep and meaningful philosophies, scintillating remarks on the depth of the intelligence of my fellow bloggers, plus a set of amazingly sharp steak knives from Demtel, able to cut through a tomato with ease moments after sawing through a leather boot!

But then that's too much effort.

I will throw in an amazing peice of trivia which is bound to bring converstaion at your next dinner party to a compete and utter stop.

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12345678987654321

How cool is that???

Yup, just as I thought. You're speechless. I know, that's how I was when I first found out. I'll give you a moment to compose yourselves, please, take your time, it's important you don't stand up too quickly, or you might fall over.

Rightio then. Have I just completely wasted almost a full post on ridiculously useless stuff?
I believe I have!

On a final note, I once again have managed to get sunburnt. Just on my arms though. I was wearing a hat, sunnies and a collared shirt. I must have forgotten the sunscreen...
On a happier note, I now have some lovely garden beds out the front of my house.
And yes, when everyone comes to visit next year, Matt and I will have a 'who can get sunburnt the quickest' competition...


oppiejoe said...

*offers to help sunburn the rest of you*

smerk said...

Next year? So much for the get together being this year, eh? ;-)

Mind you, I suppose we do need to let some people have time to save up and stuff.

ScarletManuka said...

Smerk, I think everyone has said that by May of next year they should have enough to come over...
We can have a two year reunion!

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

You, my dear, are a weirdo.

And I'll put my money on Matt.