Thursday, August 30, 2007

Can't wait for the weekend.

Apart from the fact that this week has been rather ordinary at work, I'm looking forward to the weekend as my house is going to be invaded by nerds.

Not something every woman would be particularly thrilled about, but then again, I'm not your average woman.
I actually have a 'thing' for nerds.
Take my husband for example. He works in IT, comes home and plays on his computer, when he gets bored with that he might play one of his many wii games or perhaps have a go at Guitar Hero on his PS2. If he's not meeting up online with one of his mates for a game of Company of Heroes he might head to bed early with his trusty DS until he feels tired. He's tall and super skinny, refuses to wear denim of any kind, has glasses and is uber smart. He loves animé, follows several online comics and reads fantasy novels when he gets the chance. Ask him what he thinks are the top films ever made and he'll inform you that LOTR and Transformers tie for first place. Pretty much a nerd in every sense of the word.

And I love it!

Why? you ask. Well, there are many advantages. I always know where he is. There has never been one night when I have sat at home wondering what my dear beloved is getting up to, or into. If I have any technological questions I have my personal help line, he fixes my puter (in fact he built it out of spare parts), he's nifty with any kind of machine so he also services my car. He's awesome at quiz nights and we can have an entire conversation almost entirely in movie quotes. It's a laugh the majority of the time. Of course, there are times when it's not all super sweet. He has little patience and refuses to believe I followed all the instructions when downloading that software (If you'd really done it properly it would be where it's supposed to be) and occasionally I get the feeling he regrets marrying someone as completely daft as me but it seems to work most of the time.

Also, there's his nerdy friends.

Now, I'm not talking the movie-stereotypical-never-get-a-girl type of nerds (for the most part), but they love their puters and their magic cards and if they happen to be hot, good looking guys then really, it's just an added advantage, yeah?
So, back to the weekend. Christian is having a LAN and somehow (magic must be involved somewhere) we are supposedly fitting ten guys and their computers into our tiny little house.
Ok, not really tiny if you compare it to Boo's old flat, but it's still rather small.

I absolutely love LAN weekends. Most women would roll their eyes and be out the door in two seconds but I really enjoy them. It's so much fun sitting around, chatting to the guys, having a laugh and watching them play whatever games it is their playing. And watching them...

So, there's going to be ten guys. One is my hubby who is the sexiest of them all. One of them I'm secretly in love with (doesn't take much to figure out who that is!). Two of them are absolutely gorgeous, three of them are hotter than the average guy, one I've not met but if he's anything like his brother, he'll be darn sexy, one is Mikey and as my brother-in-law I'm not allowed to comment on his attractiveness (but what does four crushes throughout high school tell you?) and one is unfortunately a movie-stereotypical-never-get-a-girl type.

I'll be having the time of my life! And for those of you who think I'm a tart I'd just like to say that you're very much mistaken.

The word you want is trollop ;-)

I did ask Christian where he was going to fit everyone and he has informed me that the table he built for outside will be bought inside and they'll use that. Now, for those of you who didn't see the pic, I posted about it here a while ago (last pic of the post). The table is made out of a mixture of Jarrah and Karri , the majority Jarrah which is one of the hardest woods around. Also one of the heaviest. It takes five or six men to lift the table and each side is about a metre and a half wide.
Lets just say I laughed derisively when he told me his plans.
I pointed out that it's too heavy and big to bring inside to which he replied that since there will be ten of them here, it won't be a problem to lift. I then pointed out that our back door isn't wide enough for it to fit through. His come back to this? We'll tip it on it's side and kind of roll it through.

Uh huh. Yup. *nods* No problems. Can't possibly see any flaws in that plan. Nothing could go wrong. You beauty. Simple as. Yup.

Needless to say I shall be on hand with my camera to capture the exact moment when the plan falls to pieces and everything goes terribly wrong so I can then share them with you, and the rest of the world.

Until then my loves :)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is that what I think it is???

There are some things in this life that one can just never be totally prepared for.

War, natural disasters, random acts of violence, Nameless, the toys that come with kid's meals...

A few weeks back Barb and Mikey took the kiddlywinks to Red Rooster for dinner. The kids all got a kiddie meal that came with a generic Transformers toy. One of the toys has a ... for want of a better word - 'gun' that 'transforms' from a rather inappropriate place...

Now, as the toy didn't come with anything to specify the name of this particular Transformer, Barb and Mikey have taken to calling him 'Optimus Wang'. Here are a few of the photos I took of him. Transfrmr, please try to contain your outrage ;-)

Now, shall I give you all a few moments to compose yourselves? Please, fell free to take a minute or two, I understand, I also needed to take a moment to get my head around it! lol

Ok, and now, by sheer weight of peer pressure, here are some pics of my stitches. It's really nothing overly exciting, it sounded much more gory and disgusting than it turned out to be. I'll have a noticeable scar from the top wound simply because it's on my natural part but the second one will be conveniently hidden by my hair. As it is, even at the moment you can only see the second one when I move the hair out of the way. And I was really happy that the doc didn't have to remove much hair at all so I don't have any really huge bald patches.

Okie my loves, that's about all for now. I've done up another poll, I just hope it's not too dated for the babies of the group.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's a sign!

Last weekend Christian and I joined Kat and Sexy Mike on a trip up to Beverley (a small town near York - not that that will mean much to most of you). Kat had gotten Mike a drive in a V8 Buggy for Christmas and as they come over from QLD, the only time he could do it was now.

We got up awfully early and still somehow managed to run late. We chanced a stop at a servo on the way to get some brekkie and we all ended up eating pies and sausage rolls instead of good, wholesome food. I was still half asleep and managed to spill pie innards all over my white tshirt. You can't take me anywhere!

So, Mike enjoyed his buggy drive, and I enjoyed taking photos of the scenery. After the morning wrapped up, we headed into York (or Historic York as all the signs said) and had some lunch at the pub. I also had fun taking photos of weird and wonderful signs I saw about the place.
Here's a selection from the day.

It's a big, blue tractor. Speaks for itself really.

This was cool barbed wire!

This is me playing about with the focus.

A cool looking ditch...

I thought this was hilarious. Ummm, what water???
Christian and I wouldn't be allowed to stay here...

At least it's honest!

Prison Bitches bewarned!

Awww, if I must.

Just as long as it isn't my car that's missing.

I apologise for the very non-witty comments that accompanied the photos. My brain doesn't seem to be functioning very well tonight.

Rest of the weekend passed by rather boringly so there's nothing much else to add. I'm sure I'll find something else to post about soon though so you'll all get another Nettie fix soon ;-)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Brain Surgery

As most of you will know by now (no doubt from my constant whinging on MoH about how much pain I'm in) I had a couple of sebaceous cysts removed from my scalp on Monday.

Needles being stuck into my head didn't bother me (3 allergy injections, once a week for five months kind of makes you used to them).

The removing of hair from the areas I could live with (it'll grow back).

The sound of the scalpel sawing through skin and hair I did my best to ignore (I kept up a constant barrage of chatter to distract myself).

The cauterising of the wounds I could put up with (mainly because I wasn't told beforehand that would be part of the procedure).

The strange sensation of feeling stitches being tugged through your skin without actually feeling pain, I'm kind of used to (accident prone child at large).

The thing that has bothered me most?

Not being able to wash my hair :(

Needless to say I've ignored the docs instructions to wait till the weekend. I now have nice clean hair, only minimal amounts of dried blood still attached and very sore, raw wounds.
I hope no one was eating dinner whilst reading this post ;-)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Photos, photos, everywhere

This is pretty much just a photo post as I've got lots to share, so I shall apologise now to Acci and the likes who don't have net connections technologically advanced enough to view posts such as this without great difficulty ;-)

Saturday night saw me getting ready to attend a Casino Royale themed Cocktail night for our work social club. It was being held in the city and there would be a Bond look-a-like competition, martinis and cocktails on arrival plus Black Jack, Roulette and several Money Wheels.
Everyone at work had been looking forward to it for months and I was very excited as at my old branch we would never have done anything like this. I'd bought a new dress for the occasion, spent way too much money on it, but I'd never done anything like this before and thought I'd splurge. Besides, I'm sure I can wear the dress out to a wedding or something so it'll see the light of day again.

I am hopeless when it comes to doing my hair in fancy arrangements but I was very lucky as I had several offers of help from Barb and Kat so I didn't have to go and waste money getting a hairdresser to do it for me. Kat ended up doing it and bloody hell, she was good! In about two minutes, using only bobby pins, she had whipped my hair into the style as pictured below. I was amazed, it was fantastic!

Ok, this is me in the dress. First if all I always get all self conscious in photos and never know quite what to do with my hands, the behind the back look is never good but it's what I usually end up doing...
Secondly, Barb says the dress is actually much more flattering in real life. It makes me look very ... hippy in the photos I have of it. But all in all, I was very happy with it :)

We picked up Jess (far right) on the way and then met up with Heather and Rachael at their hotel just down the road from where it was being held. I absolutely loved Jess's dress, it was gorgeous!

This is Jess and I again. I'm getting slightly better at taking these types of shots as my new camera has a screen that flips around so you can see what you're doing. They're still not the most flattering photos, but they're the most fun!

And this is the whole gang from my branch who turned up. Clelie (next to me) was very, very drunk. She had drunk two bottles of champagne before coming and after the fourth time of falling on her arse, her partner deemed it necessary to take her back to the hotel room so she could sleep it off. She won't live that down for a while!

After that finished up, Jess, Dan(third from left) and I had had plans to head to the casino for some real gambling. Jess wasn't feeling quite up to it though so we dropped her off home and then Christian, being the most wonderful and fantastic husband that he is, dropped Dan and I off at the casino and then went to hang about at Mike's place so he could take us home again after we'd finished.
I'm rather crap at gambling - it hadn't taken me long to lose the 'money' we'd been given to spend at the cocktail night by way of some dodgy decisions at the Black Jack table. I do however rather enjoy Keno. Maybe it's because it's a mix of lotto and bingo, or the fact you can sit down, or even because it's an old lady game, whichever reason it is, I will happily play a couple of games. Dan had never played Keno before and so I proceeded to explain the game and after the first go, he was hooked.
That was all we did the whole night. Keno. Gotta love it.
I didn't win anything, never do but I didn't lose too much so really, what more can you wish for?

By the time we'd walked over to Mike's and then dropped Dan off, it was half four before my head hit the pillow and I tell you, I was looking rather zombified the next morning when I went round to Barb's place to help with the prep work for Chiara's fifth birthday party.
Lucky for me, fairy wings, a wand and a tiara can really make that look vanish!
As you have no doubt guessed, it was a fairy party!

This is Caleb and I. Caleb was Spider Fairy! Mikey even made up a song about him to the tune of Spider Pig...

This photo isn't really lit enough for you to see properly but I'd knicked Barb's wings. I felt rather like the tooth fairy...
Mikey trying to keep Will occupied so Barb could finish running around trying to get everything done in time.

The birthday girl herself, after her beauty bath.

The kids had been banished outside several times as they were getting in the way more than they were helping. After one such banishment, Caleb stood at the door howling for Mama and after a while he was joined by Darcie.
I am such an evil Auntie...I was laughing so hard when I took this photo that I'm surprised it isn't more blurry.

Barb make another one of her famous cakes, this time a fairy garden. I thought it was wonderful but got into trouble for saying it wasn't as 'elaborate' as the last couple she'd done. All I was saying was that she usually builds 'up', in that her cakes are mainly 3D structures. But I thought this one was very, very pretty and as usualy, it was delicious.

A close up of one of the fairies.

Finally, Chiara blowing out her candles.

All in all it was a very fun day, even Uncle Christian showed up after soccer was cancelled, much to Barb's surprise.
I left before most of the kiddies and didn't stick around to witness just how many diabetic comas eventuated. There was that much sugar being consumed I think the tooth fairy will be very busy in the coming weeks! But I guess that's what kids parties are all about :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

New Toy!

Blogger has given us a new toy to play with!
It's over there on the sidebar *points*

Have fun!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Play Time

I spent some time today down at Success Hill reserve by the river, getting to know my camera a little better. It was mainly 'point and click' but I did mess around a little with the colour enhance mode and also the manual focus. It was immense fun and hopefully I will only get better with time.

Here's a few of the photos I took.

The first two are of an Arum Lilly, also known as Death Lillies. They are my favourite flower and they're just beautiful. Unfortunately, they're considered a noxious weed and it's now illegal to sell them. I did 'acquire' some a while back when I was living in the hills, thanks to a shovel, a bucket and a populated area of creek bed down by the local pub. I really should get some more for down here, but my garden isn't quite big enough. *sigh*

The next two are of our local grass trees. They're more commonly, and politically incorrectly (is that even a valid term?) known as Blackboys. There's an old legend that every time an Aboriginal dies, his spirit would inhabit a new grass tree and they would live for eternity as part of nature.
I have always been told that they only flower after a bush fire but I'm sure I heard somewhere that that is a common misconception. All I know is that there has, in the not so distant past been a fire through the area and the tree in the bottom photo is flowering spectacularly.

Just a pretty view of the river. It's rather full and brown at the moment due to the heavy rains we've had recently.

My Dad used to tell me stories of when, as kids, he and his brothers would come down to this pipeline bridge and spend hours jumping from it into the water. Apparently it was an extremely fun way to while away a hot summer's arvo. Of course, that was back when it was actually safe to swim in the river without fear of contracting some horrible disease...

I managed to get rather muddy trying to take this shot but I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

Another pretty river shot from through the trees.

Success Hill was one of the first stopping points years back when the Swan River was first colonised, due to this spring. I'd never seen it in winter before, only ever in summer when it's been little more than a trickle. The winter rains have invigorated it!

And that's about it for now guys. I'll have more photos for you soon though as on Saturday I'm heading out and about with Kat and then I have a cocktail party to go to with work. My trusty camera will be accompanying me!

Monday, August 06, 2007

The many Mikes of Nettie

I guess it's been a long time coming, I mention so many different Mikes, that really this post was inevitable. As you can see in my bday post, I was going to explain who they all were there but it got a tad long winded and so I thought I should do a separate post. I was trying to have this one show up after my bday post but blogger had different ideas so it'll be kind of backwards but try to keep up!
So here goes.

Nettie and the Mikes.

So, I'll start from the left shall I and explain who each one is.

The first is Mike, my brother's partner. I think I'll just call him Michael, to try and ease the confusion. You would have seen photos of him on here before from Whiteman Park and Caleb's Spiderman party. Scott and Michael got together about three weeks before Christian and I got married and it's one of those regrets now that he was never invited to our wedding.
I think I've mentioned before that Michael is a cadet journalist with the state newspaper and he does really well at it. Both Scott and Michael both had to work the next morning after my birthday dinner so they couldn't stay around too long. But it was wonderful to catch up with them and I consider Michael to be as much my brother as I do Mikey.

Next in line is Mikey, also known as Wolfbyte , Super Intelligent, Hunky Sex God Brother Mike or Mino. Mikey is actually my oldest friend, I've known him since our first year in high school and we often reminisce about the fun times we had back on our Earth Care camp or mucking about with our mate Rob in Home Ec.
It's because of Mikey that I met my husband and in return it's because of me that he met his wife! We've often been told we look like brother and sister and so it's fitting that we now are brother and sister. The 'in law' bit just gets dropped as it's really rather pointless.
Mikey would have to be one of the funniest people I've ever met, I always come away from reading his blog with tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks. He has such a way with words.
We also have a lot on common, a lot of shared interests. By the way Mikey, have you finished that story you've been meaning to for about the past 15 years now? Cos I haven't!

Next in line would be Sexy Mike, although I've since been calling him Krusty the Clown as his hair is going a bit crazy and with all that facial hair he's looking a bit like a wild man. Sexy Mike got his name from back before he and Kat got together and we needed a way to differentiate between the Mikes. Kat worked with both Sexy Mike and Mike but I called them both Mike so we never really new which one we were talking about and since she rather fancied Sexy Mike, she wanted to make sure I knew which one she was gushing about!
Now, I'm not usually into buff, muscley guys, but I must admit there is something sexy about a guy with a six pack, a tatt that runs up his arm and part way onto his chest, running about shirtless. So Sexy Mike it was.
But don't be fooled into thinking that he's a bit male modelish when it comes to intelligence. Sexy Mike is bloody smart. And stubborn. Having a debate with him quickly turns into an argument and is more frustrating than my conversations with Christian (and that's saying something). And if you don't believe me, try having a conversation with him regarding the human habit of drinking milk...

Ok, last but by far least is Mike, also known as Brooksey. I'll usually just call him Mike though as I tend to see him most out of all the Mikes.
I met Mike about three and a half years back, after Christian had been working at Pie for about six months. Mike used to go out with Julie, who is Daniel (Mikey's brothers') best friend. Mike also went to school with my sister Barb and I went to school with his twin sisters. I tell you, it feels a bit Tasmanian around here at times!
Mike works with Christian but apart from that, they also play soccer together twice a week, we play squash with Mike every Monday and we'll usually see him socially once a week too. There has yet to be a time that I've gotten drunk without Mike being there and so I'm quite happy to say he's a bad influence on me! But I always have fun whenever that happens although he does tend to beat me up a lot when he's drunk.
*sob* That wasn't really a door I walked into ;-)
Oh, and Mike is the one I perv on when I go to soccer. It's no secret I think he's hot but the couple of times I've mentioned that to him he's freaked out a bit so I tend to not bring it up any more. My older sister thinks it's scandalous the way I act around him, although Christian doesn't seem worried and I guess that's the important part. I think it's because I'm about as far from Mike's idea of the perfect woman as you can get so Christian's not at all worried!
Mike's also got a very comfortable shoulder to fall asleep on, so I must regrettably inform Alex that's he's been replaced ;-)

And that's a quick summary of all my Mikes. I hope it's helped clear up a bit of the confusion for you all!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another year older

I've been enjoying my holidays so far, not been doing a whole heap, just trying to relax but have been looking forward to my birthday. I'd planned on having dinner at The Olive Tree restaurant where we had our wedding reception and I was pleasantly surprised to find that apart from my older sister, everyone I had invited said they were going to come.

Now, I have a little kid's enthusiasm when it comes to events. Five year olds don't sleep a wink before Christmas because they're so excited. I'm exactly the same and it's not just Christmas that does that to me. I can be having something as simple as a bbq and I have trouble sleeping. I don't know exactly why but if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it's due to the fact that I don't have a particularly great track record when it comes to friends. Most of the people I've called friend over the years seem to be the unreliable type, the ones who don't go out of their way for you unless there's something in it for them. So knowing that I have 15 people actually willing to turn up and help me celebrate my birthday, that's something to get my excitement levels up about.
We went Go Karting with Christian's work friends on Friday and headed back to Mel's place afterwards so you'd have thought that by the time we got home from that (4am was coming up really quickly by the time I fell into bed) it wouldn't have been hard to fall into a nice long sleep.
Think again.
I was up at 7am.
Typical bloody me, eh?

I'd had a plan to have a Nanna nap at some time during the day to make up for the lack of sleep but that never really happened. We went round to Barb's place late morning to see her family, plus Mum was dropping in before work and while there, they gave me my birthday present, a very nice new camera. For those of you who are into photography, it's a Cannon S51S if that makes any sense. Basically, I love taking photos but I'm not very good at it, and I wanted a decent camera to practise with so I'm very happy with this one.
So I spent most of the day playing and trying out settings and stuff and not napping. I did try and have a lie down several times but I couldn't sleep. That goes back to that kiddie enthusiasm.

I didn't go too badly that night. We got to the restaurant at half seven and even though I had yawned the whole way in the car, once there I felt pretty awake. I managed to sit on the wrong side of the table though, up against the wall so it made it a bit awkward as I was constantly getting up to say hello to people and having to push my way past everyone to get to an open area, but you know, it was my birthday, I'm allowed to be an inconvenience!

Ok, now some photos. It's actually been a while since I've done a photo post. I think almost everyone there got to play with my camera and almost everyone wanted to play with the colour settings, so most of them are a bit weird so just ignore those bits.

Right, first pic is of me, taken by Mike I think. It's a bit blurry, I think he was too quick for the auto focus to kick in but really, it's one of the only photos that were taken of me that night and the only one that I actually look ok in. But that's probably because it's blurry!

Here's a photo of Smerk but just to confuse you all, she was wearing a red shirt! I actually took this photo and do you think I noticed at the time? Nope, not I dear reader, I'm a bit too vague for stuff like details ;-)
Oh, and I'd just like to point out (mainly for Acci's benefit) that in this photo, Smerk is the filling in a Mike sandwich! (sorry Chicky, I really couldn't help it...)

Ok, this next one is of my brother Scott and his doppelgänger. Out of my two sisters and Scott, he and I are the ones who look the most alike (according to us - Barb and Jo apparently look very similar but none of us can really see that). Anyway, both Scott and I would agree that it's a pretty shocking photo but that's never stopped me from posting them on here before.

This is a photo of me and the Mikes. Most girls would, if they're lucky, have one Mike at their birthday, I was lucky enough to have four! At one point Mel was made an honourary Mike to fit in with the pattern of every second person at the table being a Mike!
I started to explain who each Mike was but it got really really long - long enough to warrant a post of it's own and so I think I'll do that next. So, to keep it short, from left to right you have Mike, Me, Mike, Mike and Mike ;-)

Kat, looking gorgeous as usual. It never ceases to amaze me just how beautiful she is, on the inside and out. Kat would have to be one of the nicest people I know, and has the annoying habit of looking good, even after she's just woken up. She's also always good for a laugh and I was so happy she could make it.

Mel turned up looking absolutely stunning in a gorgeous red dress and I was so annoyed when I realised I didn't get a photo of her actual dress. So you'll just have to imagine that bit! It was real pretty!
I also didn't manage to get a photo of her and Jann together, so you'll just have to make do with this one of Mel by herself!
After dinner, the plan was to head off to the casino and maybe a pub but it was so late by the time we finished dinner (lets just say I was about to turn into a pumpkin) that most people headed off home and a few of us came back to out house for a couple of drinks.
Christian and Dan played about with the camera a bit more and this is a pic that Christian took, trying to get us all to look blue.

Last Christmas, Christian bought me an Umbilical Brother's charades game, one that I haven't played yet. So that was played and it was by far the best charades game ever, since the Umbies do all the acting, all you have to do is the guessing.

It was another late night for me, but not as late as the one Christian, Kat and Dan had. It was 7am before Christian came to bed and not too long after that that I got up and about.
But I had an awesome time, it was great to catch up with everyone and I had so much fun.
And for some strange reason, I'm feeling a lot older today...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Worth the soaking

Sunday afternoon found me catching up with Kat since soccer had been cancelled and the boys were playing nerdy games. We went out for coffee to begin with and had a really good chat, although we were sitting in the outside bit of the cafe and so it got a tad chilly at times, it being winter and all.
But I love the conversations Kat and I have. Maybe it's because I don't have much experience having girlfriends, but it's amazing how similar our thought patterns are. There are things I just can't talk to Christian about without him getting all huffy and accusing me of being a 'typical woman' but Kat will know exactly where I'm coming from. Maybe it's the differences between men and women?
For instance, we find that both Christian and Mike find it unnecessary to compliment us or to inform us that they think we're beautiful. Whenever I get exasperated with Christian and demand to know if I look nice, he tells me 'You know I think you're pretty Annette, why do I have to tell you?'. Mike I think does a similar thing with Kat but takes the argument that it's not just her looks he finds attractive so he doesn't feel the need to make a point about how pretty she is.
Now, fair enough, I'm sure Christian wouldn't have married someone he thought was a complete toad, but dammit, women like to be told they're pretty! Especially when we've gone to the effort of getting all dressed up nice. We want to know that you still find us attractive, even after eleven years! The only time I'm ever told I'm pretty is from my friends! That's good, I won't complain but it is nice to be told every now and then by your soul mate that that new top looks really nice on.
Oh, and just for the record, comments made during sex do not count, since no one is going to lovingly whisper 'Gosh, your nose sure looks big from this angle' even if it does. So 'Gosh you're beautiful' whispered during snuggles needs to be taken with the same grain of salt as far as I'm concerned.

So anyway, after coffee we had headed down to the river in East Perth and were continuing our complaining-about-what-men-do-and-don't-do conversation when we stopped so Kat could take some photos of some birds. There was a large ripple happening just down the path (at this point it's kind of a quay thing with the path running right alongside the river) so we head down to see what it is and it's dolphins! Two dolphins!

I've never been so excited in my life!

I've also never been that close to real dolphins before!

We watched them for about half an hour, running back and forth as they swam all around, I think they were catching small fish from near the wall. Kat got lots of photos although she only has net access at work so it's unlikely I'll get copies to post here for a while. Darn it, why, why was this the one time I'd left my camera at home???
After a while we continued our walk down the river and only turned back when it started to get dark. Halfway back we saw the dolphins again but much farther out in the river so we only really saw their fins until the jumped out of the water a little bit. We stopped a bit more to watch them until it started to drizzle. Just a bit mind you. We hurried on and thought of stopping under the freeway bridge next to the power station but decided that it wouldn't possibly rain any harder and so we should carry on.
I'm sure you will not be the least bit surprised to hear that within twenty meters the skies opened and we were soaked to the skin within thirty seconds.
But we had seen dolphins and could laugh off a mere soaking. Do you know just how cheerful dolphins make you feel? We'd even stopping moaning about what men do and don't do!

I think every relationship needs a dolphin.

So the day ended on a cheerful, though slightly damp note. I was also excited as my holidays started the next day and was looking forward to not having to set an alarm. The down side to this is that I've missed Mouse the last couple of days on msn as I've been getting up too late to see her. And this morning I actually woke up early and she's already gone to bed. So Mouse, sorry to have missed you love!