Thursday, August 16, 2007

Brain Surgery

As most of you will know by now (no doubt from my constant whinging on MoH about how much pain I'm in) I had a couple of sebaceous cysts removed from my scalp on Monday.

Needles being stuck into my head didn't bother me (3 allergy injections, once a week for five months kind of makes you used to them).

The removing of hair from the areas I could live with (it'll grow back).

The sound of the scalpel sawing through skin and hair I did my best to ignore (I kept up a constant barrage of chatter to distract myself).

The cauterising of the wounds I could put up with (mainly because I wasn't told beforehand that would be part of the procedure).

The strange sensation of feeling stitches being tugged through your skin without actually feeling pain, I'm kind of used to (accident prone child at large).

The thing that has bothered me most?

Not being able to wash my hair :(

Needless to say I've ignored the docs instructions to wait till the weekend. I now have nice clean hair, only minimal amounts of dried blood still attached and very sore, raw wounds.
I hope no one was eating dinner whilst reading this post ;-)


Mouse said...

I'm glad your lumps are gone, but I wish your head didn't hurt...

MadCarlotta said...

What!? No pictures!?

Give us the gore! ;)

oppiejoe said...

hope you heal quickly sweetie... \

Ironic.. my word verification was "dapmpen" ... sort of like dampen

coincidence? I don't think so!

LaMa said...

I second Madcarlotta ;-)

Hope you'll have a pretty healed head quickly again.