Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's a sign!

Last weekend Christian and I joined Kat and Sexy Mike on a trip up to Beverley (a small town near York - not that that will mean much to most of you). Kat had gotten Mike a drive in a V8 Buggy for Christmas and as they come over from QLD, the only time he could do it was now.

We got up awfully early and still somehow managed to run late. We chanced a stop at a servo on the way to get some brekkie and we all ended up eating pies and sausage rolls instead of good, wholesome food. I was still half asleep and managed to spill pie innards all over my white tshirt. You can't take me anywhere!

So, Mike enjoyed his buggy drive, and I enjoyed taking photos of the scenery. After the morning wrapped up, we headed into York (or Historic York as all the signs said) and had some lunch at the pub. I also had fun taking photos of weird and wonderful signs I saw about the place.
Here's a selection from the day.

It's a big, blue tractor. Speaks for itself really.

This was cool barbed wire!

This is me playing about with the focus.

A cool looking ditch...

I thought this was hilarious. Ummm, what water???
Christian and I wouldn't be allowed to stay here...

At least it's honest!

Prison Bitches bewarned!

Awww, if I must.

Just as long as it isn't my car that's missing.

I apologise for the very non-witty comments that accompanied the photos. My brain doesn't seem to be functioning very well tonight.

Rest of the weekend passed by rather boringly so there's nothing much else to add. I'm sure I'll find something else to post about soon though so you'll all get another Nettie fix soon ;-)


oppiejoe said...

you're silly

Tah said...

The ditch photo is eerily reminiscent of a ditch photo (or two) over on my mom's blog. (You can get to it from the link on my blog if you're that desperately interested in seeing more ditch pictures.)

Smerk said...

Heh, those are great signs, Nettie. :)

Mouse said...

I don't think that place would let me and Chris stay there either! ;-)

Transfrmr said...

I want a big blue tractor AND barbed wire AND to live in a place with as wonderful a sense of humor as you do!

Looks like a fun trip was had by all. I think we all know that the word "respectable" in that picture can really be interpreted as "boring" ;)

MadCarlotta said...

Wah! I missed the poll!


and of course, I love your pictures too. I wish we lived closer. *sigh*