Thursday, August 30, 2007

Can't wait for the weekend.

Apart from the fact that this week has been rather ordinary at work, I'm looking forward to the weekend as my house is going to be invaded by nerds.

Not something every woman would be particularly thrilled about, but then again, I'm not your average woman.
I actually have a 'thing' for nerds.
Take my husband for example. He works in IT, comes home and plays on his computer, when he gets bored with that he might play one of his many wii games or perhaps have a go at Guitar Hero on his PS2. If he's not meeting up online with one of his mates for a game of Company of Heroes he might head to bed early with his trusty DS until he feels tired. He's tall and super skinny, refuses to wear denim of any kind, has glasses and is uber smart. He loves animé, follows several online comics and reads fantasy novels when he gets the chance. Ask him what he thinks are the top films ever made and he'll inform you that LOTR and Transformers tie for first place. Pretty much a nerd in every sense of the word.

And I love it!

Why? you ask. Well, there are many advantages. I always know where he is. There has never been one night when I have sat at home wondering what my dear beloved is getting up to, or into. If I have any technological questions I have my personal help line, he fixes my puter (in fact he built it out of spare parts), he's nifty with any kind of machine so he also services my car. He's awesome at quiz nights and we can have an entire conversation almost entirely in movie quotes. It's a laugh the majority of the time. Of course, there are times when it's not all super sweet. He has little patience and refuses to believe I followed all the instructions when downloading that software (If you'd really done it properly it would be where it's supposed to be) and occasionally I get the feeling he regrets marrying someone as completely daft as me but it seems to work most of the time.

Also, there's his nerdy friends.

Now, I'm not talking the movie-stereotypical-never-get-a-girl type of nerds (for the most part), but they love their puters and their magic cards and if they happen to be hot, good looking guys then really, it's just an added advantage, yeah?
So, back to the weekend. Christian is having a LAN and somehow (magic must be involved somewhere) we are supposedly fitting ten guys and their computers into our tiny little house.
Ok, not really tiny if you compare it to Boo's old flat, but it's still rather small.

I absolutely love LAN weekends. Most women would roll their eyes and be out the door in two seconds but I really enjoy them. It's so much fun sitting around, chatting to the guys, having a laugh and watching them play whatever games it is their playing. And watching them...

So, there's going to be ten guys. One is my hubby who is the sexiest of them all. One of them I'm secretly in love with (doesn't take much to figure out who that is!). Two of them are absolutely gorgeous, three of them are hotter than the average guy, one I've not met but if he's anything like his brother, he'll be darn sexy, one is Mikey and as my brother-in-law I'm not allowed to comment on his attractiveness (but what does four crushes throughout high school tell you?) and one is unfortunately a movie-stereotypical-never-get-a-girl type.

I'll be having the time of my life! And for those of you who think I'm a tart I'd just like to say that you're very much mistaken.

The word you want is trollop ;-)

I did ask Christian where he was going to fit everyone and he has informed me that the table he built for outside will be bought inside and they'll use that. Now, for those of you who didn't see the pic, I posted about it here a while ago (last pic of the post). The table is made out of a mixture of Jarrah and Karri , the majority Jarrah which is one of the hardest woods around. Also one of the heaviest. It takes five or six men to lift the table and each side is about a metre and a half wide.
Lets just say I laughed derisively when he told me his plans.
I pointed out that it's too heavy and big to bring inside to which he replied that since there will be ten of them here, it won't be a problem to lift. I then pointed out that our back door isn't wide enough for it to fit through. His come back to this? We'll tip it on it's side and kind of roll it through.

Uh huh. Yup. *nods* No problems. Can't possibly see any flaws in that plan. Nothing could go wrong. You beauty. Simple as. Yup.

Needless to say I shall be on hand with my camera to capture the exact moment when the plan falls to pieces and everything goes terribly wrong so I can then share them with you, and the rest of the world.

Until then my loves :)


Smerk said...

lol I almost wish I could be there to see them move that table...

accipiter said...

You and Nettie could stand by and cheer them on!

They'd love that.

MadCarlotta said...

I like geeky guys too, always have :)

Oh, and I never mentioned it before, because I didn't want to seem improper or anything (HA! and look who am I talking to here, right?), but I do think your husband is really really hot. :)

Nettie said...

It seems like we both have the same great taste in men MC!

And, unlike some women, I don't have a problem with other ladies saying Christian is hot. I definitely don't find it 'improper'!
I really should try and post some more pics of him. I'll try and get some on the weekend.

oppiejoe said...

Thanks for sharing Nettie...

Tah said...

Sounds like a fun time. I wish I had enough (any?) friends who enjoyed gaming enough to come over and play. Or at least had the time to do it (with kids and all life tends to get a little cluttered).

Transfrmr said...

Oooh, if it weren't so darn far I'd love to join that crew in a round of Magic ;-) My cards haven't been out in a while, but my zombie deck is a force to be reckoned with. All hail the Avatar of Woe!

Geeks rule!