Monday, August 06, 2007

The many Mikes of Nettie

I guess it's been a long time coming, I mention so many different Mikes, that really this post was inevitable. As you can see in my bday post, I was going to explain who they all were there but it got a tad long winded and so I thought I should do a separate post. I was trying to have this one show up after my bday post but blogger had different ideas so it'll be kind of backwards but try to keep up!
So here goes.

Nettie and the Mikes.

So, I'll start from the left shall I and explain who each one is.

The first is Mike, my brother's partner. I think I'll just call him Michael, to try and ease the confusion. You would have seen photos of him on here before from Whiteman Park and Caleb's Spiderman party. Scott and Michael got together about three weeks before Christian and I got married and it's one of those regrets now that he was never invited to our wedding.
I think I've mentioned before that Michael is a cadet journalist with the state newspaper and he does really well at it. Both Scott and Michael both had to work the next morning after my birthday dinner so they couldn't stay around too long. But it was wonderful to catch up with them and I consider Michael to be as much my brother as I do Mikey.

Next in line is Mikey, also known as Wolfbyte , Super Intelligent, Hunky Sex God Brother Mike or Mino. Mikey is actually my oldest friend, I've known him since our first year in high school and we often reminisce about the fun times we had back on our Earth Care camp or mucking about with our mate Rob in Home Ec.
It's because of Mikey that I met my husband and in return it's because of me that he met his wife! We've often been told we look like brother and sister and so it's fitting that we now are brother and sister. The 'in law' bit just gets dropped as it's really rather pointless.
Mikey would have to be one of the funniest people I've ever met, I always come away from reading his blog with tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks. He has such a way with words.
We also have a lot on common, a lot of shared interests. By the way Mikey, have you finished that story you've been meaning to for about the past 15 years now? Cos I haven't!

Next in line would be Sexy Mike, although I've since been calling him Krusty the Clown as his hair is going a bit crazy and with all that facial hair he's looking a bit like a wild man. Sexy Mike got his name from back before he and Kat got together and we needed a way to differentiate between the Mikes. Kat worked with both Sexy Mike and Mike but I called them both Mike so we never really new which one we were talking about and since she rather fancied Sexy Mike, she wanted to make sure I knew which one she was gushing about!
Now, I'm not usually into buff, muscley guys, but I must admit there is something sexy about a guy with a six pack, a tatt that runs up his arm and part way onto his chest, running about shirtless. So Sexy Mike it was.
But don't be fooled into thinking that he's a bit male modelish when it comes to intelligence. Sexy Mike is bloody smart. And stubborn. Having a debate with him quickly turns into an argument and is more frustrating than my conversations with Christian (and that's saying something). And if you don't believe me, try having a conversation with him regarding the human habit of drinking milk...

Ok, last but by far least is Mike, also known as Brooksey. I'll usually just call him Mike though as I tend to see him most out of all the Mikes.
I met Mike about three and a half years back, after Christian had been working at Pie for about six months. Mike used to go out with Julie, who is Daniel (Mikey's brothers') best friend. Mike also went to school with my sister Barb and I went to school with his twin sisters. I tell you, it feels a bit Tasmanian around here at times!
Mike works with Christian but apart from that, they also play soccer together twice a week, we play squash with Mike every Monday and we'll usually see him socially once a week too. There has yet to be a time that I've gotten drunk without Mike being there and so I'm quite happy to say he's a bad influence on me! But I always have fun whenever that happens although he does tend to beat me up a lot when he's drunk.
*sob* That wasn't really a door I walked into ;-)
Oh, and Mike is the one I perv on when I go to soccer. It's no secret I think he's hot but the couple of times I've mentioned that to him he's freaked out a bit so I tend to not bring it up any more. My older sister thinks it's scandalous the way I act around him, although Christian doesn't seem worried and I guess that's the important part. I think it's because I'm about as far from Mike's idea of the perfect woman as you can get so Christian's not at all worried!
Mike's also got a very comfortable shoulder to fall asleep on, so I must regrettably inform Alex that's he's been replaced ;-)

And that's a quick summary of all my Mikes. I hope it's helped clear up a bit of the confusion for you all!


oppiejoe said...

Nice collection of Mike's you got there Nettie ;-)

Mouse said...

Y'know, I'm no less confused than I was before... ;-)

Nettie said...


I thought I'd made it all nice and simple. Or is it just because it's you, Mouse? ;-)

Smerk said...

Heh, I was there and I'm confused. :P

LaMa said...

You are well underway to having a different Mike for every day it seems.... ;-D

MadCarlotta said...

I have a collection of Mike's as well, but they are mostly ex-boyfriends so getting them all to stand for a group picture would be difficult at best :)