Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Worth the soaking

Sunday afternoon found me catching up with Kat since soccer had been cancelled and the boys were playing nerdy games. We went out for coffee to begin with and had a really good chat, although we were sitting in the outside bit of the cafe and so it got a tad chilly at times, it being winter and all.
But I love the conversations Kat and I have. Maybe it's because I don't have much experience having girlfriends, but it's amazing how similar our thought patterns are. There are things I just can't talk to Christian about without him getting all huffy and accusing me of being a 'typical woman' but Kat will know exactly where I'm coming from. Maybe it's the differences between men and women?
For instance, we find that both Christian and Mike find it unnecessary to compliment us or to inform us that they think we're beautiful. Whenever I get exasperated with Christian and demand to know if I look nice, he tells me 'You know I think you're pretty Annette, why do I have to tell you?'. Mike I think does a similar thing with Kat but takes the argument that it's not just her looks he finds attractive so he doesn't feel the need to make a point about how pretty she is.
Now, fair enough, I'm sure Christian wouldn't have married someone he thought was a complete toad, but dammit, women like to be told they're pretty! Especially when we've gone to the effort of getting all dressed up nice. We want to know that you still find us attractive, even after eleven years! The only time I'm ever told I'm pretty is from my friends! That's good, I won't complain but it is nice to be told every now and then by your soul mate that that new top looks really nice on.
Oh, and just for the record, comments made during sex do not count, since no one is going to lovingly whisper 'Gosh, your nose sure looks big from this angle' even if it does. So 'Gosh you're beautiful' whispered during snuggles needs to be taken with the same grain of salt as far as I'm concerned.

So anyway, after coffee we had headed down to the river in East Perth and were continuing our complaining-about-what-men-do-and-don't-do conversation when we stopped so Kat could take some photos of some birds. There was a large ripple happening just down the path (at this point it's kind of a quay thing with the path running right alongside the river) so we head down to see what it is and it's dolphins! Two dolphins!

I've never been so excited in my life!

I've also never been that close to real dolphins before!

We watched them for about half an hour, running back and forth as they swam all around, I think they were catching small fish from near the wall. Kat got lots of photos although she only has net access at work so it's unlikely I'll get copies to post here for a while. Darn it, why, why was this the one time I'd left my camera at home???
After a while we continued our walk down the river and only turned back when it started to get dark. Halfway back we saw the dolphins again but much farther out in the river so we only really saw their fins until the jumped out of the water a little bit. We stopped a bit more to watch them until it started to drizzle. Just a bit mind you. We hurried on and thought of stopping under the freeway bridge next to the power station but decided that it wouldn't possibly rain any harder and so we should carry on.
I'm sure you will not be the least bit surprised to hear that within twenty meters the skies opened and we were soaked to the skin within thirty seconds.
But we had seen dolphins and could laugh off a mere soaking. Do you know just how cheerful dolphins make you feel? We'd even stopping moaning about what men do and don't do!

I think every relationship needs a dolphin.

So the day ended on a cheerful, though slightly damp note. I was also excited as my holidays started the next day and was looking forward to not having to set an alarm. The down side to this is that I've missed Mouse the last couple of days on msn as I've been getting up too late to see her. And this morning I actually woke up early and she's already gone to bed. So Mouse, sorry to have missed you love!


Accipiter said...

Yeah, dolphins are fun. We get a goodly number of them off the coast here so I see them every now and then fairly close up. And I've even had them come over to say hello a few times when I was swimming around. Either that, or they were venturing over in the hope that I was a really large anchovy.

Oh, and Nettie: you're pretty! And you're gorgeous, Smerk! And Carlotta's attractive, and Boo is cu-. . .ummmmmm, Boo is a delicate flower of pulchritudinousness, Madmouse is very Scottish, and Neo and Tah and Oppiejoe and LaMa are fine manly specimens of virility. And see, I wasn't even snuggling any of you or anything. So there for your theories, Nettie! ;-)

Mouse said...

Oh, I'd love to have seen the dolphins!
(and don't worry about missing me on MSN, if you're on holiday then lie-ins are pretty much compulsory!)

oppiejoe said...

I had a similar experience with dolphins in Florida many years ago... it was awesome seeing those huge animals so close up in the wild.

And indeed... you are a very beautiful woman Nettie... not that you were asking for compliments or anything.

Acci, you think I'm a "manly specimen of virility"? (even though I've had a vasectomy?)I have been told by my forbidden friend that I have a perspective that is very cognizant of the "feminine" point of view... perhaps that is part of my appeal?

NEO said...

I am a fine manly specimen, I have been saying that for years. Thanks. :P