Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stuff I can't live without

I've been pinged by Mikey! Thankfully he knows just how clueless I am when it comes to the interweb and so he emailed me to let me know he'd tagged me.
Bless him.

So now I have to come up with a list of stuff I couldn't live without.

I'm following everyone else's lead on this and keeping it to materialistic stuff, not people, since my list of people I couldn't live without could be a tad incriminating ;-)

1) My bag. I won't go as far to call it a 'handbag' as that invokes images of pretty, quaint little things that come from expensive shops and are used by ladies. Mine is a satchel bag, it's red, covered in big black spiders and goes everywhere with me. It's contents include: my purse, puffers (Ventolin and Seretide), comb, contact solution and eyedrops, body spray, lip balm, tissues, phone, house keys, car keys, work keys, sunnies, antihistemines, girlie stuff for that time of the month and my camera.
And it's not even a huge bag.
Needless to say, it has almost everything I need to survive in it.

2) Mentioned above but important enough by itself is my mobile phone. Once I thought people were silly to rely on such a contraption but I must admit I have succumbed to it's charms and now panic slightly whenever I leave home and realise I don't have my phone. Whatever would I do if I broke down? Or if someone needed to contact me? Oh good Lord, how did anyone survive ten years ago???

3) My puter. Christian finally gave in to my nagging several years ago and built me a computer out of spare parts he had laying around and a monitor he nicked from the rubbish at work. It's gone through a few upgrades since then (when he got his 22 inch widescreen monitor I got his old one, yay me!), and the background is Skeleton Cow from Edinburgh, and I absolutely love it. It's my link to the outside world, I get up in the morning and as I have brekkie I chat to Boo and Mouse on msn, check my email to see who loves me, see what new shoe spam has cropped up on MoH and catch up on all numerous blogs I read.

4) My car. Not just because of the shear distances that need to be traversed in this part of the world and that our public transport system sucks, but because I adore my car. She's a little red Corolla GTi, 1.6L, twincam, 4AGE and she rocks. She's got an after-market exhaust that makes her sound grunty, but not too grunty and she's rather zippy.

5) My jewellery. I'm not a huge jewellery wearer but the items I wear are extremely sentimental to me. Obviously I have my wedding and engagement rings which I just adore. The engagement ring isn't the one Christian proposed with as many years ago the sapphire in the centre came loose and I lost it. Needless to say I was devastated (I think I cried for three straight days) and I originally didn't like the one he bought me as a replacement. However I have come to love it and now would die if anything were to happen to it.
I also have the necklace and pendant that Christian bought me back from England when he went travelling. It's a Celtic symbol with an amber stone in the middle and although he's given me many other pendants throughout the years, this is the one that I wear almost constantly.
My other treasured jewellery is the wolf earrings and bracelet set that my sister Barb bought for me for my birthday a few years back. As you all know, I love wolves and it was the perfect gift for me.

Right, now I've been told I have to tag five other people who must blog about the stuff they can't live without.

Boo - My pseudo lesbian adopted half soul sister from Scotland.

Mouse - The person my husband has most reason to be worried/jealous about.

Smerk - The magic dragon who lives by the sea.

MadCarlotta - One of my newest friends who I still have much to learn.

OppieJoe - Always there with the hugs when I need them.

I look forward to it guys.


Wolfbyte said...

It sounds like your bag and my jacket serve a similar function :)

MadCarlotta said...

Oh Shit! :P

accipiter said...

Ha ha, Carlotta! ;-)

You ought to come visit me here, Nettie, and we can stop by the zoo. They're getting in some red wolf cubs, and so the gift shop is practically all wolf-related stuff right now. We could have you decked out in a wolf hat, wolf shirt, wolf trousers, wolf socks, wolf slippers, wolf necklaces, wolf ear-rings, and wolf bracelets, with a wolf doll to sit on your shoulders and a wolf tea-cup to drink out of as you read the books about wolves. Sorry, no wolf undergarments (unless they're hidden behind the counter?). Then we could go see the wolves. And maybe you could smuggle one out and take it home with you (just tell the people at the airline security check that you have a young son with a hormone problem that affects his hair follicles).

Oh, and I love you, Nettie, I just don't have your e-mail. So there!

Mouse said...

Ok, I'll get on it as soon as I can...

Nettie said...

Acci, you're going to get us both in trouble with Smerk if you keep that kind of talk up!

oppiejoe said...

Awwwww... I got a mention as a hugger....
(adds a squeeze and a kiss)


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