Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pure blond?

While I'm not the dumbest creature to ever have walked this earth, I am the first to confess that I am far, far from the smartest person around.
Let's say that you'd never have me down as your phone-a-friend.

Christian is an extremely intelligent person, he knows something about everything and even if he doesn't know the answer to a question, he can kind of work out the general concept or theory behind it. And he's usually right.
He would be someone you'd have down as your phone-a-friend.

Every now and then I will do something, or say something and I see a look in Christian's eyes that I'm pretty sure means he's thinking 'Oh God, what on Earth did I marry her for???'.
I honestly think that he has moments when he can't comprehend how we can possibly be meant for each other. Opposites attract to a degree but on occasion I can be really really daft.

Take for instance something that happened last Saturday.
I had been out shoe shopping with Kat (unfortunately shoe stores in this part of the civilised world do not stock pretty black heels for fat German feet so it wasn't a successful shopping day, but I digress) when we called into an Op Shop on the way back to the car. Kat went to look for a cardy and I wandered up to the back to have a look at the books. One immediately caught my eye and I picked it up. It was called Man or Mouse by Matt Whyman and it's about a man, who after failing to win the affections of a girl in real life, heads into the shady world of internet chat rooms in a bid to woo her there.
There's a bit on the blurb that goes something like this : The story of a man and his mouse, destined to find his true love even if it means looking where he'd never ventured (Jo now has the book so I can't quote it for you but I'm sure you get the drift).

So, I read that, my brain processed it, made a mental picture of the story for future reference and filed it away, I paid for the book and went on my merry way. Later on I got home and was showing my beloved the several books I'd purchased that day when in my head the little mental picture I had suddenly burst.

I had been thinking of a man sitting on his computer with his pet mouse for company while he looked for love. Honest to God, with a little cage and everything.

Shall I pause here while you pick yourself up off the floor? Seriously, you can stop laughing at me now...

Anyway, I could have kept this thought to myself, hidden away deep in my shame, no one would ever be the wiser. Instead, I blurt this thought out to Mr Intellectual and almost instantly I see that look. Christian then goes on to explain, as if to a four year old, that it means a computer mouse.
Yup, a huh, I kind of figured that, when the mental picture burst!!!

Anyway, so apart from reinforcing any doubts my hubby has regarding our match made in heaven, I've also just shared this piece of incriminating evidence with you lot, therefore proving that I'm not the smartest person on Earth. I mean, come on, who else would do something that dumb and then think 'I might just share this with a worldwide audience'.

Only me.

But that's why you love me, isn't it?


Smerk said...

You're definitely a special one, Nettie! :D

Mouse said...

Sorry, but I'm still laughing!

Wolfbyte said...

"The story of a man and his mouse, destined to find his true love even if it means looking where he'd never ventured."

Uh...My brain went to a different, possibly less clean, place when I read this phrase. I'm sure I don't need to spell it out for you.

Tah said...

Wow. This may give a whole new meaning to chats at MoH that involve rodent-type pets. ;)

Accipiter said...

Unrequited love and a mouse. . .that's a dodgy sounding mix indeed. I would like to take this opportunity to point out, once again, that I have no rodents in my home. Only millipedes. Which, now that I think on it, doesn't make things sound much better. . .

And yes, Nettie, you are indeed a most special person! Be sure to keep us all well informed on all your special ways.

LaMa said...

Maybe (according to yourself) you might not be the smartest, but at least you are the most honest person around...

I think you just have an original mind. With a mouse in a cage it would have been a much more interesting story setting.

oppiejoe said...

*checks mirror for blonde hairs*

I kinda sorta thought the same thing you did at first Nettie...