Monday, January 23, 2012

Aloha peoples

Hey all,
I don't particularly have anything to write about but I felt like I should keep this post roll going.

It's very hot in Perth at the moment. Today was 36C and that's the coolest day we'll have all week. The forecast reads as follows ; 38C, 40C, 40C, 39C, 42C, 40C, 39C.

I think I'm going to go hibernate in a freezer somewhere...

Honestly, I love living in Perth but I hate summer and herein lays the problem. Perth is summer central. It's hot and sunny and dry almost all summer long. Therre is very little respite from the heat and when the temperature does finally drop down to the mid 30's, the humidity feels lonely and decides to visit.

I love winter. Our winter. Which is the equivalent of your summer my northern hemisphere friends. I'm sure though that I would die if I ever had to go through one of your winters.

And yet as hot as it gets here, I do love my little city. And so I'll forgive her scorching days and the sunburn she inflicts and instead look forward to cool, winter days when the wind blows the leaves through the streets and the rain gently falls down to the thirsty baked earth.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bouncey Bouncey

Flora has officially booked her holidays.


Seriously, I'm bouncing around like I'm high on red cordial.

She'll be here in roughly nine months! So much planning to do! We've already got a list of things we want to do but every now and then another idea pops into my head. Then I phone her and our conversation consists of a lot of squealing, a lot of bouncing on both our parts, a lot of eyerolling from Matt and Christian and in between all of that we scour the internet for things to do whilst they're here. After our trip to Rotto we're going to have about two weeks to fit in catching up with Sarah; going to the zoo; having a girly night out followed by a nice evening out; heading up to York for the day; having a bbq by the river; playing super golf; having a big party for Flora's birthday; possibly having a slightly (ok, very) illegal driving lesson; maybe going to Scitech; seeing my Mum (who has adopted Flora) and doing lots of hanging out, watching Frisky Dingo and Middleman and just having fun.

I just can't wait!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Lights, camera, action!

Hello all :)

First of, just to start off with some cuteness, here is a picture I took of Molly. She's utterly adorable but I must admit, I felt very sad when I took this photo. I was chatting to Flora on the phone and we were talking about Molly and when I took the photo I noticed just how much she's now showing her age. We very quickly changed the subject because we both got upset and were almost in tears.

On the weekend Christian and I decided to go shopping for some light fittings (by decided I mean I said 'Let's do this' and he went 'Whatever') .
We've been in the house for roughly four years and it's been one of those things I've said we need to do for ages and we've just not got around to doing.
The house did come with some el cheapo fittings but they a) looked horrid b) set on fire easily and c) nope, looking horrid and setting on fire were enough reason for me!

We looked at a couple of the big lighting stores and eventually found our way to a small little store tucked away in some shops on the highway. As soon as we walked in, it kind of felt we'd been transported to someone's Nan's attic or a little antique shop. It was absolutely cluttered as the shop was tiny but they'd tried to display as much as they could.
The ladies there were very lovely and we ended up buying from there, mainly because the service was unbeatable.

These are the basic fittings we got for rooms that didn't need fancy lights; the study, bathroom, laundry and toilet.
The glass is frosted and has a swirly kind of pattern on it.

We got these ones for the kitchen, dining room and random area in middle (technically the dining room but it's too small for a table so we put the dining table in the 'games' room which is too small to be a games room...).
It's kind of hard to see the pattern in this photo but like the previous fittings, these are frosted but the design almost looks like there are cracks through the glass.

And finally, our 'balls of string'. They're actually made of wood and we bought these for our bedroom, the loungeroom and the entry...hall? space? meter squared bit you stand in before it becomes either the lounge or bedroom?
Anyways, so we bought the last three the lady had boxed and as we were paying at the cashier, she climbed up and took down the display model, plonked it on the counter and said 'No point me trying to sell one, happy housewarming!'.
I was just over the moon, it was so nice of her. So that one went in the spare bedroom instead of one of the plain ones.

This is ball of string lit up.

Because the bedrooms are smaller than the lounge, the light actually throws shadows on the wall. I think it's awfully pretty :)

We also bought a full length mirror which is great as it means I no longer have to go outside and try to catch my reflection in the window if I want to see how an outfit looks. We just have to mount that on the back of the bedroom door as soon as Christian nicks some double sided tape from work!

Hurrah for getting small things done!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy last year on Earth...

Hello 2012! Nice to finally meet you. Doomsday theorists have been speaking about you for so long I almost felt like you were a friend that everyone else knows but I never get to meet!
But at last we meet and to be honest, I'm not quite sure what all the hooha is about. Maybe it'll sink in when I finally stop accidentally writing 2011, or perhaps when December the 22nd rolls round and the theorists suddenly admit they made a calculation error and it's actually going to be 2015 the world ends.

Or maybe you won't be any different to any other year.

What am I saying??? Forgive me 2012, you will go down in history for me I'm sure, because there are some exciting things happening during you.

First of all, let's discuss those pesky things called resolutions. I made two this year but have kept to my tradition of making them small, simple things.

The first is a continuation of last years resolution which was to make a more concerted effort to keep in touch with my friends. This could mean making a regular coffee date, emailing more frequently or just sending a txt to say 'Hey, how's things.'

The second is to do my dishes more regularly. Simple really - I'm a freaking slob!

Also happening this year is the stair climb I spoke about in my last blog post. I've started a healthy eating and exercise program already in order to get prepared for that. I haven't made that a resolution however since I find they get broken too easily. Christian and I have also started a '100 pushups in 7 weeks' training program which will be interesting...

The most exciting thing planned for this year however is Flora and Matt are coming to visit! :D
I am so excited it's just not funny. You'd think by now I'd be calmer - it's not like it's the first time we've met or anything. But it seems to be that the more times I get to meet up with them, the more excited I get.
We've already started making lots of plans, including a trip to Rottnest Island where we're planning to do some telescoping, snorkeling and dog paddling frantically away from sharks.
We're also going to head up to York for the day, play Supergolf, catch up with Smerk, have an epic birthday party for Flora and go for a behind-the-scenes tour at the zoo.

So I apologise now for being unbearable to be around in the lead up to their visit.

It's just I AM SO EXCITED!!!