Monday, January 23, 2012

Aloha peoples

Hey all,
I don't particularly have anything to write about but I felt like I should keep this post roll going.

It's very hot in Perth at the moment. Today was 36C and that's the coolest day we'll have all week. The forecast reads as follows ; 38C, 40C, 40C, 39C, 42C, 40C, 39C.

I think I'm going to go hibernate in a freezer somewhere...

Honestly, I love living in Perth but I hate summer and herein lays the problem. Perth is summer central. It's hot and sunny and dry almost all summer long. Therre is very little respite from the heat and when the temperature does finally drop down to the mid 30's, the humidity feels lonely and decides to visit.

I love winter. Our winter. Which is the equivalent of your summer my northern hemisphere friends. I'm sure though that I would die if I ever had to go through one of your winters.

And yet as hot as it gets here, I do love my little city. And so I'll forgive her scorching days and the sunburn she inflicts and instead look forward to cool, winter days when the wind blows the leaves through the streets and the rain gently falls down to the thirsty baked earth.


Smerk said...

Yeah, this weather sucks, but I couldn't imagine living anywhere else!

Mouse said...

I honestly can't imagine trying to get on wth everyday stuff while it's that hot!
I'll send 'cooling weather' thoughts your way. ;-)

Oppiejoe said...

come cuddle with me sweetie...

My forcast reads:
35, 39, 38, 33, 31, 33 (ALL Fahrenheit converted would equal: 1.67C, 3.9C, 3.33C, .55C, -.55C, & .55C)

*shivers uncontrollably*

Shawna said...

That last sentence is very poetic, love! And I must say that your summers sound as if they'd be almost too hot even for me, though your winters sound lovely. Ours are just generally stupidly cold and gray and yucky. *sigh*