Monday, June 04, 2007

Purses, Curses and Skulls

This weekend has seen me out and about all over the countryside and I've spent very little time at home. Considering I have the lurgy, this isn't necessarily a good thing. I probably should be getting lots of bed rest and doing sickly things like eating jelly and icecream and watching bad day time telly.

Ah well, that's just me I guess.
So anyhoo, I went down to visit Jo and Darce on Saturday and we went out shopping. I had to look for a birthday present for Mel as we're going out for her next Friday which means I was running out of chances to go pressie hunting. I discovered this wonderful little shop at Kwinana Hub and although I didn't find anything for Mel there, I did find lots of great things for me!

First of all was this Nightmare Before Christmas purse. I kind of needed a new purse (which means that my other one was getting old but was in perfectly good shape - but I could convince myself I needed a new one simply because it was getting old and I'd had it for so long) and so it wasn't long before it joined my services.
There is a little coin purse that attaches to the inside of the bigger one but I have so much crap to fit in that the big purse won't shut with the coin purse inside. But I can live with having them separate.

Next of all I bought some skull hair clips. They were a mite expensive ($14 a pair) but so cute that I thought, well bugger it, spoil yourself.
So I did.
Nothing really much to say about them. They kind of speak for themselves.

Yesterday I went into Freo with Barb and had planned on getting many spectacular photos for your enjoyment. However, as we were driving in I took out my camera to get a photo of a church (The Immaculate Conception Parish. I kid you not, I was trying to get a photo so you'd believe me) and I discovered my camera wasn't working. No surprises there I suppose. One normally needs to put the battery in to get one's digital camera to function.
My battery was still sitting in it's charger back home.
*sigh* How that tortured me all day.

Barb and I are planning another trip into Freo sometime in the near future so I can go and take all the photos I wanted to take yesterday. So never fear my dear comrades, they'll be coming to a blog near you soon.

Today (Public Holiday, yay!) I was supposed to be going out for coffee with Kat and Mel but I have a feeling I won't be making it. I'm really not up to driving into Scarborough today since I've been everywhere else this weekend. I really just want to nap the day away and hopefully when I wake up this accursed lurgy will be gone. Needless to say I think that's a pipe dream.

I have one other photo to share with you today though. It's of Christian's table. Now when Christian first said he was going to make us an outdoor table, I must admit, I scoffed. Not very wifely I know but the only things I'd ever seen Christian build before were computers. He'd never really shown an interest in carpentry in the past.
But what Christian sets his mind to do, he does, very well and so our table is complete. It's very big and triangular and very bloody heavy. It took five (or maybe only four, I can't remember...but five sounds more impressive) men to lift it and Christian needed a truck with a crane on it to get it from his friend's workshop where it was built to our driveway. So needless to say I'm not going to worry about anyone nicking it.


Smerk said...

Gosh, that is a very solid-looking table!

Tah said...

Wow. What a great table. God for Christian for making it.

oppiejoe said...

Kewl table :)

Neat skulls

Mouse said...

I love the purse and hairclips, and well done to Christian for building a spectacular table!

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

The purse and hairclips are very cool, and I am seriously impressed at the table. Christian should be really proud!