Saturday, June 23, 2007

Runs in the family

Yonks ago last year, I posted about the times when I've stopped to help out people who have been having car problems and ranted a bit about how it doesn't seem to be the norm these days for people to play the good Samaritan.

Well, last week my sister Barb was taking the kids for a drive so they could get out of the house for a bit. She was heading in the general direction of Jacoby Park, a really nice park in Mundaring that has been closed for about a year now due to roadworks but has recently opened again.
She's driving up the hill (Greenmount Hill to be precise but for anyone living in the general Mundaring area it's 'The Hill') when she saw a car broken down and two ladies standing next to it.
So she pulls over and asks if she can help in anyway or make a call. The older of the two women, who was 72 , was in tears and explained they've come up from Mandurah (about an hour away) so her daughter in law can visit her husband who is spending a little time in Acacia, the minimun security prison in Wooroloo. The car has completely seized up and it looks like she won't be able to visit.

So Barb says she's got a spare seat and if the DIL doesn't mind a twenty minute drive with three kids, she'd be more than happy to drive her to Acacia. So they set off and after Barb has dropped her off, she returned to stay with the Mother in Law while she waits for the RAC and her hubby to arrive.
Once help has come, she tries to give Barb some petrol money, which Barb refuses to accept saying she's sure this lady would have stopped to help if she'd seen Barb broken down with three kids. After some friendly arguing (not quite Mrs Doyle vs Mrs Dineen, but close) Barb agrees to give the lady her address so she can receive a thankyou card.

Yesterday Barb receives in the mail a Happy Feet dvd for the kids, a real pearl necklace and $20 for petrol along with a letter saying it was the kindest act anyone has ever performed for this lady (I'm sorry, Barb did tell me her name but I've forgotten it...).
Barb was in tears while she was reading it and couldn't believe her generosity. After all, Barb never expected anything in return.

I just thought this was a really nice story, it out a smile on my face and I hope it does for you guys too.


Mouse said...

That was really sweet, although it's bit of a shame that the woman was so surprised that someone would want to help...

Tah said...

That is an awesome story. And I wish nice things like that happened more often. Or were at least told about more often.

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Aww, that's really sweet. :)