Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The streets are lined with purlple carpet

I love this time of the year.
Sure it's starting to get muggy and the thunderstorms we're promised fail to eventuate, but summer is on it's way and Christmas is just around the corner.
Also, the Jacaranda trees are nearing the end of their bloom which means almost everywhere you look are bright purple trees with a carpet of fallen flowers laying below.
It's just so pretty.
I must admit, I've only recently discovered that they aren't a native tree (which would explain why they don't grow in the bush next to the gums...can you tell I hadn't given the issue much thought?) but we have such a love affair with these trees that they may as well be.
My step-mum Di hadn't seen them before and was captivated when she flew across from Canada for my wedding. She's always getting my Dad to send her pics when they're flowering.
We have a small tree growing in the front of our new yard that will need lots of TLC for it to start growing properly. I'll need to dig around the base and replace the soil with mushroom mulch I think, and also make sure it gets the water it needs.
Hopefully when you lot finally get to come and visit me, it'll be around this time of the year so you can see this wonderful display :)


smerk said...

:D I'm glad I'm not the only one to find the jacarandas pretty.

thunderstruck said...

Need pics :)

Sounds lovely though! Cant wait to come over and see em!

Mouse said...

'but summer is on it's way and Christmas is just around the corner'

This sentence looks so weird...

accipiter said...

"I'm dreaming of a purple Christmas,
Just like the ones I didn't know;
Where the roo fangs glisten,
And children listen
To foreign tales of yellow snow. . ."


thunderstruck said...

Acci's comment made me lol :)

ScarletManuka said...

Acci, if you want to learn a real Australian Christmas Carol, have a looksie here or here

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

I'm with Mouse. It just seems so odd to me to have a hot Christmas.

oppiejoe said...

I wish I was there... I LOVE purple (sitting here in a purple shirt as I type this)

smerk said...

Eh, this version of the 12 days of Christmas is wrong! It should be an emu instead of a kookaburra...