Saturday, October 21, 2006

A bit of this, a bit of that

I spent the whole day with Barb, Mike and the kids today. We went out to Carousel, a big shopping centre in Cannington.
Carousel is miles and miles away from me (about 40 mins), it's all on one level and is so huge that it takes a good half hour of walking briskly to get from one end to the other (and when you do get there, your feet really hurt), and finally it has all the same stores that several closer centres have.

But still I go there.

And I enjoy going there. So does Barb. We're like the Carousel cheering squad. Odd.
The kids got a bit buggered though.

Aren't they just the cutest? Especially when they're asleep.

Can't half tell they're brothers, eh?

Anyway, onto more pressing concerns. I visited my Dad this morning and got some pics of the house to share with you all. Dad said he had some other pics floating around somewhere of the house with the garden looking pretty and the house actually clean but I didn't really want to wait for him to find them. Besides, hopefully, like me, you guys will be able to see the potential in the place.

Anyway, without further ado...

This is the house from the street.

This is the park across the road where I shall be walking the doggies.

This is the backyard, it's sooooo tiny compared to what I'm used to, but hopefully we'll be able to make a nice little entertaining area. Our bbq, table and chairs, a bit of garden, a small patio or some sails...I have so many plans!

This is the side yard. The swing set will be gone, but I'd like to maybe put in a fountain...

And finally, the only shot of inside (the rest of the house was far too messy, even for me!). This will be our lounge room, all it needs is our blue couches and a mountain of tangled game console cords and we'll be right at home!

And that concludes our tour for today, ladies and gentlemen. Please ensure seats and tables are placed back into their upright positions and that all hand luggage is removed from the overhead lockers.


Wolfbyte said...

She's a beauty all right. Lived there once meself.

On a more serious note though. I'm so proud of you guys. Owning a house would be awesome. And I have lived there. I was sad to leave.

ScarletManuka said...

At least we're keeping the house in the family. You guys are more than welcome to visit any time you like.

Once we move in of course. Until then, it might be an idea to give Dad some warning that you're coming round...

LaMa said...

awww, cute kids!

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

The kids are dotes, and the house looks great. *hugs* Yay you!

Mouse said...

The house looks lovely. You're so lucky!