Sunday, October 22, 2006


You may very well have heard me talking about my brother-in-law Mike on here (and if you haven't then you obviously weren't listening properly and can go and sit in the corner).
Well, Mike has decided to start up his own blog called One Track Mind, More Than One Train
I've also added him to my links over there *points to the right*
So, go and check him out, he's a bit of a funny bugger and is so much like us that it's got to be bad for him.


thunderstruck said...

added to my faves list :)

I think soon I will have many too many blogs that i check lol

smerk said...

Yup, bookmarked it too. Although I won't be able to comment on it, since he's restricting comments to bloggers only. :P

Wolfbyte said...

Sorry about that smerk, I'm kinda new to this so I'm still feeling my way around.

I have changed the security settings to allow anyone to comment as long as they are real.

Are you real? Am I your imaginary friend?

smerk said...

Well, I think I'm real. It's possible you're my imaginary friend. I'm not too sure. ;-)