Tuesday, December 26, 2006

All I want for Christmas

...is to be able to fucking breathe!

I went from bad to worse over the Christmas period with my asthma. On Christmas night I went to the after hours GP at Swan Districts hospital only to find it was closed. I guess we went after after hours. I didn't feel I was quite bad enough to go to ER so we called it an early one and headed home.

This morning I went to the doctors first thing and was seen by the most lovely doctor. She says that the attacks I've been having are allergy induced (curse those allergies of mine) and I'm lucky that they haven't been caused by a virus or bacteria as some people, like my sister have developed a bacteria type of pneumonia. She then gave me a script for some Prednisolone and told me to take tomorrow off work. I told her that if I had the day off then in all likelihood I would be fired. She then informs me 'If you can't give me your word that you'll have the day off to rest, I'll throw you in hospital for a week. Which one would your employer prefer?'

I took the doctors note and am making Christian ring my boss.

So all in all, it's probably been the worst Christmas ever for me. I got some lovely pressies though. From Christian I got a book, a perfume set and a dvd game of Charades by The Umbilical Brothers ,who those from the Edinburgh Trip may remember from our last night. Boo sent me some cool pirate socks and the funniest present ever.

Isn't it wonderful? I laughed and laughed when I saw it. *big hugs* for Boo!

I also got some more perfume from Jo and a Red Dwarf dvd, a frypan from Mum (don't give me that look, I asked for one!) some scales from Barb and Mike (I asked for stuff we need for the new house), Acci sent me a variety of cool things as my Secret Santa including a mug and a little gem tree and Smerk sent me a cute little dragonfly keyring. The postman still hasn't delivered Mouse's pressie yet so I still have a surprise waiting for me! I guess that will give me something to do while I sit at home feeling guilty from not being at work.

Well I hope your Christmas's went much better than mine and I look forward to reading all about them.


smerk said...

I got Mouse's pressie last week. Sadly Acci's hasn't arrived yet...Odd how that works out.

And I'm glad you like the keyring!

oppiejoe said...

Thanks for the update Nettie...

hope you are feeling better

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

You'd better be feeling better and taking care of yourself, my love. I'm glad you liked the cross-stitch. It took me bloody ages!


Hieronymus Anonymous said...

P.S. You have to put it at the entrance of your new house so as to remind you when you leave.

thunderstruck said...

Sorry about the bad christmas, at least you have new year to look forward to?

LaMa said...

I know first-hand how asthma and and allergy-induced asthma attacks suck
* hug *

Would you really get fired if your doctor orders you a day off? Dammit...

Take care