Sunday, December 17, 2006

Science Schmience

I understand that predicting the weather isn't an exact science, but I would have thought there would be enough science in it to get it pretty accurate. Not so yesterday.

Forecast - 36C

Actual - 42C

It was bloody hot!

We had our ten year high school reunion held at the Mundaring Weir Hotel and I almost melted. They have a pool there but there was no way in the world I was going swimming around old high school people. I have enough of a complex already thankyou very much. The kids went for a dip though and holding wet children can take the heat out of you.

I must apologise to Boo at this point as I promised her some photos of the day, but when I got there and realised what little interest I had in those people, I just didn't take any pics.

It was a bit of a turning point actually. Before I went I was on the verge of total panic, thinking the skanky hos I used to socialise with would still not find me good enough (even though Christian assured me I'm better than them all). I just couldn't help it, I've always measured myself by how others judge me, and so my self esteem has always been incredibly low. Even though it's clawed it's way up in the past few years, I knew it wouldn't take much to knock it on it's arse again.
Anyway, we got there, none of the skanky hos were there and I realised all the people I wanted to associate myself with were already in my circle of friends. I didn't need to drag up demons from the past.

We stayed for a few hours and then left, heading to Barb and Mikes' place for a proper fun time, my self esteem in tow.

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smerk said...

Heh, you've got to remember that you're in the hills, and the weather forecast is for the city. It usually is a couple of degrees hotter than the city (in summer) out your way!