Tuesday, January 02, 2007

All that gaff

Happy New Year everyone.

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of the way...

How is everyone? Good I hope. If you're not good, you can join my little club. I think I'll call it Nettie's Feel Like Shit And Sit Around Feeling Sorry For Yourself Support Group.
As you may have guessed, I am still not well. I went to the doctor today for my monthly injections and they wouldn't do it because my asthma is too bad. Apparently not being able to breathe beforehand can lead to a greater risk of not being able to breathe after the injections. Go figure.
I did come away with some antibiotics since the Pred didn't work and a stronger dose preventative although for some strange reason I turned down a doctors certificate. No idea why. My doctor told me I looked like crap and asked if I'd like to take some time of work and I said no. Apparently my brain can't handle being off work. I mumbled something about already having had one day off work and all I'd do is sit around feeling guilty and that was about it.
I believe I should be nominated for Idiot of the Year or something along those lines.

So, did you get up to anything good at all on New Years Eve? I probably shouldn't bother asking Boo and Mouse as I heard the festivities got cancelled in Edinburgh due to bad weather. But what about everyone else?
I had a relatively quite night at Christian's Aunty's house. His cousins had been visiting from over east and from New Zealand and it was the last night we'd see them before they flew home so it was a nice chance to say goodbye. We had fish and chips for dinner and then sat around chatting until midnight when we proceeded to act like children with sparklers and poppers. Fun all round I must say.

Oh, and then the next morning I went to visit my sister Jo and she has a new puppy! Her name is Shiver and she's very cute. I shall have to remember to post a pic when I upload them.
And that's about it for now.


thunderstruck said...

hope you feel better soon! *hugs*

And cant wait for pics of the puppy!

Mouse said...

Happy New Year, Idiot Of The Year! :-P
Our Hogmanay was ok, we went to a club instead of the street party anyway.
I hope you start feeling better soon, sweetie *hugs*

smerk said...

*hugs* Feel better soon!

I went to bed, until I was woken up by yobs on bikes dragging rubbish bins about down the road...(yes, I am very sad - but I was very tired!)

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

New Year was punctuated by gales here. Huzzah.

*bigbighugs for the wheezy one*