Monday, January 15, 2007

Farewell Daddy


My Daddy left yesterday. I'm very, very sad.

Actually, inconsolable would be more fitting. I'm terrible with goodbyes and get rather emotional (which was news to my Dad - he was shocked I was bawling).
I didn't even attempt to go to the airport. He was leaving at 3am, which was too late considering I couldn't get today off work, but even if I did get the time off, I would have caused a scene...I thought it best to just say our goodbyes last night.
We spent all of yesterday together though, doing stuff around our new house like finishing the gate and putting a cupboard up in the laundry. My sister's came over with their kids as well to say goodbye to their Poppy and so it was a real family affair.
Christian and I left about 8:30pm and it was to great dismay that I realised we had both driven down and I would have to drive home. I have had some experience with driving whilst crying in the past so I managed to get home in one piece.

I thought I would be ok today, but I was proved wrong. I get rather depressed after the whole goodbye thing (just ask my mother, she was driven mad by me moping about after I left Edinburgh) and so work was an unhappy affair. I was in tears in the morning, gloomy all day and had such a lack of concentration I had a $100 error. So all in all, not one of my better days.

All clouds have a silver lining though, even this one. We will be moving into our house shortly, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. We still have a bit of painting to do, mostly fiddly stuff like door frames and the toilet but it should be all finished up soon and then we can begin the arduous task of packing and moving. That should be fun, considering we have such a long way to lug all of our crap. I dread to think how many trips it will take us. So, not so much of a silver lining after all...


smerk said...


And $100 error isn't too bad. That should've been easy to find. It's the couple of dollars and/or cents that's a pain to find.

ScarletManuka said...

I actually did find my error Smerk, but the $50 or $100 errors are the worst as it's usually one note that you've mis-counted. If it's an odd amount or a large amount, you can usually find it in your work, but when it's one note, you've usually handed out one note too many, or taken in one note too much. That happens quite a lot with the pub money that comes in as it's very very sticky and the notes just have to be peeled apart.

Actually, when you think about it, money is a vile, disgusting thing...

Mouse said...

*hugs Nettie*

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Poor love.