Saturday, January 06, 2007

Product Endorsement

'Today's blog entry comes to you thanks to our good friends at Nutterchow, the dogfood that keeps your pet on their toes. Nutterchow will keep your dogs' coat shiny and tangle free, their teeth will last them years more and best of all, Nutterchow will help keep your pet sane. No more crazy antics from Spot, he'll sit in the corner with a slightly dazed expression until called, he won't keep the neighbours awake at night barking and best of all he won't chew your possessions, all thanks to the brain-altering chemicals found in Nutterchow.
Nutterchow - valium for dogs. Try it today.'*

* My dogs get fed with Nutterchow and we couldn't be happier. We get a constant supply from my mother who works in the local hospitals' mental health unit. Any food left over from the patients dinners get placed into a bucket before being packaged in Nutterchows distinct white platic bag packaging. Nutterchow is delivered to our door free of charge and can be conveniently frozen for storage. We love that our dogs get a variety of foods, it's always a surprise. I'd fully recommend Nutterchow to anyone.


oppiejoe said...


I guess it doesn't matter for me because I have cats (or should I say that cats live & poop in the same house as I do)

ScarletManuka said...

Sorry, I guess I should have explained further. My Mum works at our local hospital and they get sent a certain number of pre-packaged meals for the patients. Now if their unit only has four patients at one time, they still receive 12 or 15 dinners so the ones that don't get eaten are given to my Mum who then brings them home for my dogs or given to my sister for her dog.
As Mum works on the secure side of the mental health unit, we call the food she brings for the dogs Nutterchow.

Make any more sense now?

smerk said...

That makes a lot more sense.

And my verification word seems appropriate: aopaws

accipiter said...

I figured it was something like that, Nettie, but I wasn't sure. The other possibility in my mind was that you'd been locked away in the mental health unit yourself for a while, and that they'd given you computer access. . .

And does "rfmhd" seem like an appropriate verification word?

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Maybe you could do with some Nutterchow, sweetie.