Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Yet another Christian quip

I apologise for the lack of originality of my posts lately as they all seem to be 'Christian said this' but isn't it better than no posts at all?

Me - How's the job hunt going?
C - Neyh, there's nothing out there. Nothing good anyway.
Me - Have you heard anything from Lance's friend who said he'd keep an eye out?
C - No, but I didn't really expect to.
Me - Have you thought about trying an agency?
C - Oh fuck no.
Me - Why not?
C - Those people have no souls.
Me - Oh really?
C - It's true.
Me - I'm sure it is dear.
C - I'm sure they're all gingers...
Me - Uh huh, whatever you say.

1 comment:

Hel said...

Hahaha, so un-PC. Also, recruitment agencies are fantastic!