Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quidditch through the ages...or not

Christian and I have some weird conversations whilst laying in bed. I have no idea how this one even started...somewhere in there we ended up getting onto the subject of sports.

Me - We could play Quidditch together!
C - Erm...
Me - No seriously, they have a Quidditch league here in Perth now and you run around on a field with a broomstick between your legs.
C - Pisses himself laughing It's retarded enough as it is in the books and movies, why would they make it even more retarded by running about with a stick between your legs.
Me - Quidditch in the books isn't retarded! It's a highly skilled game!
C - No it's not! They just all fly around trying to get that one stupid ball that wins the game.
I try and explain the rules of Quidditch to Christian as he has no idea.
C - ??? What the fuck? Why are there other balls involved? If getting the snitch wins the game, why don't they all go for it?
Me - Because catching the snitch doesn't necessarily win the game. If you've scored enough points to begin with, you can still win even if your seeker doesn't catch it. Besides, only the seeker can go for the snitch.
C - Why?
Me - Because they're the rules!
C - Where does it say that?
Me - In the books!
C - It specifically says that's the rule?
Me - Yes! It's the seeker's job to catch the snitch.
C - That's just his role, that's not a rule. Why can't they all look for it and whoever catches it just hands it to him?
Me - Because that's not how it works Christian!
C - Who says?
Me - Quittitch Through The Ages , that's who!
I go and find the book and throw it at him. Christian reads the book from start to end (it's not a long book).
C - There's no actual rules in here! Anyone could catch it.
Me - Gah! I give up! Flails arms around in the air.

Despite my exasperation with my husband, on Friday we actually got to spend some time together. I had arranged to have the day off so my car could get serviced and Christian came and picked me up and we headed down to Hillaries Boat Harbour to have some breakfast.
We went to Dome and they have these new fandangled electronic table trackers instead of the ye olde number on a stick. I was playing around with it and was musing out loud how it would work.
Me - So I assume they have like a map of the tables on their computer and a mini GPS thingy would mark the table that this is sitting on so they know where we are hey?
C - I doubt it.
Me - So how do you think it works then Mr Smarty Pants?
C - Not like that.
Me - So what, they just walk around and a little voice in their ear says 'Getting warmer, warmer, hotter, NO COLDER! COLDER! Warmer, warmer, hotter, hotter, BAM there they are!'
C - Neyh.
To take out my frustrations I pull faces at him all through breakfast, much to the amusement of other patrons.

After breakfast we headed out to the shops at Whitfords to kill some time before my car was ready. I bought a very cute 1920's (?) style hat (I'm not good with hat history, it may be a 1940's style hat) and we also picked up an awesome umbrella that has the handle of a samurai sword.
While we were browsing through a book exchange, my phone rang.
Me - Hello.
Voice - Hello, this is Louise from Big Rock Toyota. I've gotten the report back on your car and they suggest at 30,000kms that you have your Throttle Body Housing cleaned.
Me - I'm going to put you onto my husband because last time I got something like that done without checking with him, I got yelled at.
Pass the phone to Christian.
Me - Speak to this lady, she wants me to have the throttle housing thingy cleaned.
C - Why do you want me to speak to her?
Me - Because you know stuff.
C - How much do they want to charge?
Me - Just talk to the damn lady Christian!
C - Hi, so how much do you charge for that?
Christian's mouth literally drops open, then he starts laughing.
C - Ah no, I think we can give that a miss. Thanks.
After hanging up, I ask what she said.
C - Oh, it's normally $180 but she could drop it down to $110 for us.
Me - And that's...crazy?
C - They spray a can of stuff and run the motor for two minutes*. That's it.
Me - And this is why I give you the phone.

* This may or may not be how it actually works but this is how I remember him saying it. If it's wrong, blame me and my memory cos I'm 100% sure Christian knows what he's talking about.

Just on a final note, here are some photos of Molly. Just so you can all go 'Awwwww'.

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Aww, puppy pics!

Oh, and Quidditch totally does have rules!