Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time travel

The problem with always having been the 'good' kid growing up is that I'm finding that every now and then I revert back to my teen years and act like everyone else was doing back then while I was busy being responsible.

And so for the past TWO weekends (yep, count em) I've found myself getting rather pissed. The first weekend Christian had some people round to celebrate his last day at his job. I hadn't planned on drinking much because I had to have an early night for my market but I didn't quite pull off that plan. It made for a rather uncomfortable day in 40C heat at the markets.
Then last night one of Christian's mates came round to watch the footy and somehow we got to talking about which pubs and clubs we've been to in town and we decided to go out. Tash had had a bit of a rough weekend and so I called her and told her to come out with us. We had pre-going-out drinkies here and then headed out to The Court for several more.

Which leaves me at lunchtime on a Sunday feeling rather seedy and looking through the few random photo albums I have on the HTPC. I came across some pics I took last winter up at my mother's place and although I'm pretty sure I have them in an album on FB I figured I'd share them on here since it's my blog and I'll do whatever the heck I want lol.

Most of them are of old figurines and things from Mum's garden.


Purdy flowers.

I just love the fact that I found a rubber duckie in the yard. Nestled against the decaying leaves it gave me a bit of a Chernobyl feel for some reason.

I'd love to say time and spiders wait for no man but considering this is a thermometer it's a bit pointless...

My fave photo.

There's a bear in there...

My mother's freaky ashtray.

This 28 wanted...

...this chicken. Nom nom nom cheeeeeeekan!

Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the blast from Nettie's past for today. Please remain seated until the internet comes to a complete stop and then make your way in a orderly fashion to the door. Thank you for frequenting The Natterings of Nettie and have a pleasant day.


Hieronymous Anonymous said...

They can't have the chicken! Nor can the effing kookaburras!

Also, the owl looks like a turtle to me. I've been looking at it from lots of different angles, but it still looks like a turtle.

Bear in mind, though, that I am awake in the middle of the night due to pain, so I might be mad.

Hieronymous Anonymous said...


Mouse said...

I love the rubber duckie and the copper spiral thingie!

Flora, I was going to suggest you thought of it as looking up into the owl's left armpit. ;-)

Mouse said...

Oh, and the kookaburras would only be after it if there was cheese too!