Monday, March 12, 2012

A day at the markets

My cousin Sarah is one of these annoying crafty people who have awesome ideas and the actual talent to execute them. A while back she started making jewellery and accessories and started an online business called Bits and Bobs. As well as making items, she also started sourcing jewellery online to supplement the handmade items. I think it started by her sending me links to items she was thinking of buying and then me searching for other cool things but before we both knew it, I was also buying things to sell.

And so it eventually evolved into us getting a market stall up in Mundaring on the second Sunday of the month. We’ve just had our second one and it definitely seems worth the effort. The market is open for six hours and of course there are quiet times and so there’s lots of time for people watching. People and things we’ve seen include :

*A mullet on every second person.

*The mulleted women opposite us deciding that bras are so yesterday.

*The local church have a tent and they just love venturing out to hand out pamphlets and scare away customers.

*A lovely lady called Judy who is a newbie too and has been next to us both times.

*Irresponsible pet owners walking their dogs on hot bitumen on a 40C day.

*Two girls dressed in head to toe vinyl devil outfits, handing out pamphlets to a car show. I dared them to hand the church tent some brochures and they totally did! Best expressions ever on Churchlady’s face! I swear her mouth drew into such a thin line she almost sucked her nose off her face!

*A man with his beard dyed purple.

*A chain smoking grump who sells wrought iron candlesticks and snaps at you if you accidentally lean a table against his curbing whilst setting up.

*Gaggles and gaggles of teenage girls there for their cheerleading stand.

Things we didn’t see

*The git who nicked one of our rings.

All in all it’s a great day out and making a bit of cash on the side is always handy. I’m putting it aside for November because FLORA IS COMING!

NB - I have photos of the items I have gotten to sell (or some of them anyway) but my puter has been having some reconstructive surgery and is out of action at the moment and I can't be arsed uploading them to the HTPC.

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Hieronymous Anonymous said...

And I would have loved to see Churchlady's face.

Sounds like you had fun, Oh Beloved. I am glad.