Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Father's Day

It was Father's day last Sunday so my Dad and his 'brood', as he lovingly calls us, went up to Heathcote for a barbie. Heathcote is an old mental asylum that they've done up to be an art centre and restaurant for the buildings and a huge nautical-themed playground for the kiddies on the grounds. It's a lovely spot but very crowded on a lovely sunny day when it also just happens to be Father's day!

Anyhoo, here's some pics of the day.

Barb and me, with my not-very-pixie cut hair

Christian, laughing at the kids and their antics...little gits!

Dad, always pulling a face for the camera

Will, liking his spoon immensely with my brother-in-law Mike in the background

Some good news for those who don't know, we've finally gotten the go ahead to buy my Dad's house so we're in the proceedings now. Hopefully it'll all be finalised within the month. Hurrah!

And on a not-so-great note, I've hurt my back again so I've been in agony all over the weekend and am still hurting now after my chiro. It hurts heaps when I sit in font of the puter, so I haven't really been able to come on much. But I'll be on more as soon as I can! But I miss you all heaps and hope you're all doing well.



thunderstruck said...

Aww, Will is a very cute kiddo! And congrats on the house, and STAY AWAY FROM THE PC UNTIL YOUR BACK GETS BETTER. ahem. We don't want anything wrong with you or australia here we come may have to be called off :)

smerk said...

Huzzah for getting the house! And no, you hair isn't very pixie-esque. Still, it looks good.

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

I like the hair, your family are sweet, hooray for the house, and what thunder said about your back.

Mouse said...

Yup, what Boo said...

Mort said...

Hehehehe, your Dad looks like a right comedian. Good to hear about the house too, oooh, Casa del Nettie!