Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pain, pee and pixie cuts

Ok, Sunday morning, just after 8 and everything is nice and quiet. Barb, Mike and the kids left over an hour ago after staying the night, and although it's too late for me to get a sleep in, at least Christian can. While my husband dozes in a nice warm bed, I will be running around, doing dishes, picking up toys and washing the mountain of urine soaked bedding left to me by my thirsty niece. We had thought it a stroke of luck when all three kids fell asleep by 8pm, but it turned out to be the worst that could happen. Chiara may have gone to the toilet before bed, but she drank a little more than we'd thought at dinner and, well, the rest is obvious!

Question : What is the most painful thing, in the whole entire world? And this even eclipses the 'pinching the eyeballs while removing contacts' thing. Oh, and to make it even worse, this is entirely voluntary too.
A bikini wax.
Now, I've never waxed in this area before. I've not even really been a shaver before since Christian doesn't like stubble. I just keep it neatly trimmed like a lovely manicured garden (sorry, I'm trying to be as delicate as possible about this subject for those of you who may be a little squeemish and haven't as yet figured out that this blog isn't really for you).
Now, Barb is a trained beautician and waxes my legs for me and also does my older sister's brazilians' (does anyone know why they're called brazilians'? Really, it's a rather silly name. I'm not all familiar with the Brazilian flag but is it just bare with a little strip down the middle? Sorry, I digress...). Anyway, so Jo convinces me that I should give it a go and Barb says she'll do it. And then the pain begins. My God, I cannot even begin to describe it. Jo says it hurts less than childbirth and gets easier the more times you do it. I'm sure there are a lot of things less painful than childbirth, but this would be the most painful of all of those things!
Anyway, we didn't even get close to doing a brazilian because I was almost fainting from a combination of pain and blood loss (did you know that you bleed rather profusely the first time? I didn't, but it stands to reason I suppose. That hair is supposed to be there, and when you violently rip it out your body is going to respond). So we cut the whole thing short and I will never ever be doing that again. Ever.

And last but not least, I got all my hair cut off yesterday (the stuff on my head, obviously, since I'm sure if you've gotten this far, you've just read the above). Barb says it's kind of styled into a pixie cut but I think it's a bit too long at the front for it to be called pixie. But it started with P and it made the title sound good so we'll just leave it at that! I then bought a hair dye and dyed it as black as it would go. I wanted to dye it this colour a while ago but Christian prefers me red so I obliged him. But now, it's my turn to do what I want and so it's midnight black.
I'll try and get some pics for you soon.

And that's been my weekend so far! Hopefully, the rest will be rather uneventful!


Mouse said...

Now, that's why I've sworn that I'm never going to get a Brazilian! Trimming, and shaving any bits that stick out of my knickers is good enough for me. A friend of mine told me that she's going to get it a Brazilian as part of a series of beauty treatments on her 30th birthday - I've been telling her she's mad...

oppiejoe said...

I'd be game for a waxing... but then again, I'm a bit weird to begin with. Trimming works out fine for me though and not many people care whether I do or don't, so... better you than me :P\

woulda been fun to watch though (I know... men are pigs!)

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Yes, neat and tidy does for me, thanks.

Hair pictures please!
(Head hair. HEAD HAIR! I'm not that much of a perv.)

thunderstruck said...

yep, im with boo and mouse. No unneccesary pain in that area ta very much! I didnt know you bled :S There's another reason not to bother.

(aww, bingo is my word for the day... little does the computer know I won money on the bingojust yesterday!!! - shut up thundy)