Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Interest rates went up again today. This is good news. For me. Not for most other people. But I was overjoyed when I heard the news. This means that house prices will eventually come back down from the clouds and Christian and I may be able to actually afford to buy a house. With prices in Perth surpassing Melbourne and only just behind Sydney as being the most expensive place in Australia to buy, the future was looking bleak. The average cost of a house in Perth just reached $400k. How crazy is that??? But with the interest hike, people will soon panic, sell up and downsize and then it will get cheaper again. Can you see my point now about interest rates increasing being good? I knew you would. You strike me as being the intelligent type.

I got my measly tax return back this week and so I finally got the Maybe Baby I've been wanting for a while. It's this tiny little microscope that you spit on (a little bit anyway) and when the saliva crystallises it tells you if you're ovulating or not. If it's 'that other time of the month' the crystals form into little fern shapes but if you're not ovulating they just make bubbles. It's really cool. It was pretty expensive up front ($85) but it's better than paying 20 or 30 bucks every few weeks for the more conventional ovulation kit.

I'm sure you guys will be fascinated by all this.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I haven't been online for a while, I'm going through one of those stages where I prefer to read a book than sit up staring at the computer screen all night. It's nothing personal - please don't cry. I'm sure in next to no time I'll be annoying you all on a constant basis again.

Okie, that's all for tonight.


Hieronymus Anonymous said...

As I said when you told me about the Maybe Baby... gadgety and useful!

*misses Nettie*

smerk said...

Well, you got a bit more back from the Tax Man than I did!

Mort said...

Money back.....from the yaxman? Is he ill or something?

smerk said...

Nah, it's just the way the system works here, Mort!

oppiejoe said...

It's always nice to read your Blog Nettie :)