Tuesday, September 19, 2006


On Saturday we went to a Trackday held by one of our mates Mark to have a bit of a race around. I did the morning session which was just a practice and was untimed, and Christian, Mike and Mike (Brooksey) did the arvo timed session. I didn't actually get any pics of me hooning around the track in my car but here's more than enough pics to keep you all happy!

Kat and Mike, ever the smiley couple!

Me in Mark's car, waiting for a ride.

Kat and I. We had already taken a pic but Mike deleted it by accident so we had to do it over again.

Us losing it after taking said photo.

Brooksey and I being caught out by Kat doing male model poses.

Christian holding aloft his trophy for most consistant of the day (I made him pose for the camera...)

Christian actually had an off but I'm waiting to get some more pics of that before I post so expect another photo filled entry soon!

On another note, Talk Like a Pirate day was in full swing in Perth today. My web server, iinet changed their name to Aye Aye Net for the day and also gave their site a Pirate makeover. Most of the radio stations also had a Pirate theme, with jokes, stories and special guests. My favourite joke was 'What is a Pirate's favourite pick up line?'

'Aaagh, prepare to be boarded'


thunderstruck said...

lol, that joke made me laugh :)

I wish they celebrated piratte day round here...

Mort said...

They do TS, it started in the UK!!!

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Aww, Christian looks so proud of his trophy!