Friday, June 30, 2006

Yay for the weekend

I was sent on a first aid course yesterday for work which meant I got a free refresher course (yay!) plus I missed out on pension Thursday (double yay!). While I was there however, I was shocked by a few things.
Firstly, out of the sixteen people attending the course, only two of us had done first aid recently enough to remember it (a couple of people had done it in high school but didn't remember anything about it). I was shocked by those odds. I have done eight first aid courses during my life, I really believe it's a necessity. There have only been a few times when I've had to use it, but if I didn't know what to do, the consequences could have been a lot worse than they were, especially when my niece was choking. What would these people have done if a loved one had collapsed, and knowing CPR could have saved their life? I am such a firm believer in the fact that everyone should have the basic skills.
Secondly, I was shocked that EAR has been disregarded. Apparently they have just completed a five year study into CPR and have come to the conclusion that if a person is not breathing and shows no signs of life (you don't even check for a pulse anymore) you commence CPR immediately. Gone are the days of mouth to mouth and gone are the days of a different rate for babies, children and adults. It's all the same now.
Crazy huh? But I can see their logic, but dammit it's hard to put behind you all those habits of the past.

Work has been hectic this last week. Everyone is panicking about the end of the financial year and so chaos has ensued. I am so tired but I have an RDO on Monday so hurrah for a long weekend! Plus the Commonwealth Bank five hundred meters up the road from us was held up on Wednesday so everyone has been a bit on edge about that. There have been lots of armed holdups in the area lately, mainly targeting chemists and liquor stores, but when you work at the bank, you have to realise the risks.

But enough of that. It's the weekend and I'm happy.
Oh, and if anyone gets bored over the weekend, check out Litmocracy as Boo and I have submitted new work, Boo another drawing and I've had a go at some poetry (Eeek I know but it'll keep everyone off my back until I have a chance to finish another story)

Have a good one guys.

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