Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cinema advertising

On Friday night we went to the movies to see Stardust with Barb, Tiho, Mel and Mike.

Our fridge is still broken (God, how I've adapted to living in the dark ages...) so Christian, Barb and I went out for dinner first at a place called Retro Betty's. As we were eating our tea, Christian and I were telling Barb about the latest series of The IT Crowd which is just fucking hilarious. By the end of it I was in such a fit of giggles that I could hardly breathe, let alone finish my food. Barb, who has seen the first series but none of the second, just looked at me like I was odd or something but Christian and I has so much fun re-living our fave bits from the first three episodes.

Anyway, so we meet up with the others and head into the cinema about three minutes before the 'start time'. I was sitting next to Tiho and after about twenty minutes of ads he turns to me and says 'I haven't been to the movies in ages, I forgot just how many damn ads they make you sit through' to which I replied 'Yeah and all the crap about how cinema advertising can work for you.' Tiho then asks 'Have you seen the latest series of The IT Crowd?'.
I couldn't even answer, we just burst out laughing and started quoting bits from the anti-piracy spoof from Moss and the German. We both just had exactly the same things on our minds. If you haven't seen it yet, here's the spoof below.

I swear if they had actually shown the proper ad, I would have wet myself laughing so it was best for everyone that they didn't.
Anyway, so the movie was fantastic. Robert DeNiro stole the show in my opinion, he was hilarious but the movie overall was great. I really enjoyed it and I'd recommend it to anyone.

And that's really about it for news from me at the moment. I'll keep you all posted :)

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Transfrmr said...

I'm a huge fan of the IT crowd,I just watched the latest episode yesterday :) I'm hoping they don't butcher it too badly when they make the US version this year, it would be awesome to have two good IT Crowd shows, hehe.

Over here they've started putting two movie show times in the paper for every movie. One is the time that the movie starts at with commercials included, and the second is the time the actual movie starts at.

I still remember a time when you went to the movies because there weren't any commercials. Now, the rare times I do go to see something in the theater, I first wait till it's been in the theaters for at least three weeks, and then I show up 5 minutes before the actual movie start time. Works like a dream :)