Sunday, September 30, 2007

You guys understand, don't you?

I went out last night and during the course of the night I was given grief about having a blog by three different people on more than three different occasions.
Apparently Christian, Lachlan and Mike don't feel that blogs are worthy of their attention and would prefer to be mean to Netties who do...

Christian (being Christian) got really vocal about how blogs are shite and couldn't understand why I use one. I have explained to him on numerous occasions that due to a thing called 'time zones' and the fact that I have 'friends' that live in other 'countries', a blog is the easiest way to keep in touch. That didn't sway him though. He still thinks they're shite.
Mike was talking like all I do is post random everyday crap that no one in their right mind would ever want to read about (I won't give you the examples he used because it's just childish toilet humour but I'm sure you can guess).
And Lachlan just laughed derisively at me.

So I've come to seek reassurance from you guys that I'm not insane and dumb and boring (just to name a few).
I guess I'll never truly fit in with the people I hang about with in real life, I'm just too different, even from Christian. They're super intelligent, confident, everything I'd love to be. But instead you've got bumbling, daft Nettie with a knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. If I wasn't Christian's wife I know that none of them would give me the time of day. I'm just not the sort of person they'd chose to know.

Gah, this is turning into a self-pitying post, isn't it? You really must stop me when this happens you know!

Anyway, so I won't post about what we did last night and where we went and with whom because no one wants to read about that now, do they.

Instead, I'll harp on about something completely random.
Now, I've mentioned before that certain songs or smells evoke really strong memories in me. Well, lately I've been wearing my Vanilla Perfume oil and it's the same one I took with me to Edinburgh last year. So every time I turn about and get a whiff of it, I keep on remembering all sorts of things about my trip.
Like how amazing it was to meet up with people I'd never actually met before but with whom I clicked right away.
How much fun did we have gallivanting around the place, climbing the big hill, looking for orbs, going Goth for a night and generally misbehaving?
The excitement from being so far from home with no preconceptions, nothing to live up to and having people love you just for being you.
The regret that our blatant lesbianism didn't quite eventuate (your bathroom just wasn't big enough Boo ;-) ...)
And the anticipation of our next get together.

So, who is going to come visit next year?

Smerk is a given (living in the same city kind of helps), Boo and Mouse have assured me they're still coming, but what about the rest of you?
I haven't heard from Amber in forever so I don't know if she'd be up for another adventure.
I really hope that Alex can make it, it just wouldn't be the same without him. I can't believe how much I've missed him since we got back. Emails and messages just don't cut it.
Tah, Neo and MC, I know you've all got kiddies so it'd be hard to get away but I'd love it if you would come.
Acci, your passport excuse is wearing a bit thin. You'd better get your butt here or there'll be one mighty pissed off dragon!
Trans, I think you'd have a right laugh with us.
Joe and LaMa, you definitely need some R and R, this is the perfect place!
And Thundy, I know you want to go to Spain next year but I think you should come here instead!

There's a party at Nettie's and you're all invited!

Ok guys, hopefully I'll catch you all up sometime on the forum, until then.


Smerk said...

Yay for party!

And Christian, Mike and Lachlan are obviously all twits. ;-)

Mouse said...

I second what Smerk said!

Tah said...

I third the twit comment.

Obviously they don't have family and friends living hours and hours and thousands of miles away. There are things you just can't share over the phone no matter how often you call, or in a letter that takes several days to get there.

I would love nothing more than to make another trip to Australia. (Wife and I went to Sydney and Cairns (and a short side-trip to Daintree) back in February of 2004) and see more of the country. And meet more people.

Alas, the financial concerns and hassles of traveling with a three year old will prevent it.

Unless we happen to win a few million in the lottery. Wish us luck. ;-)

Wolfbyte said...

I would like to apologize on behalf of the Mike community for any action taken by a comrade-in-name when under the influence of some chemical substance. If he was sober then he's on his own.

Seriously, as a blogger, a nerd, and a mate I love reading your blog. I may not live miles away but I get to live vicariously through your words in the magical kingdom that is your life.

I wouldn't expect that the people whom you see literally every day to appreciate the fact that you take the time to tell your mates what your up to. They have the luxury of being there and experiencing it for themselves.

So what if only 10 people ever read it. They are the people who matter.

oppiejoe said...

I would love to come there, but I am not sure I will be able to financially swing it. I do really need the time away though...

I will say a definite maybe.

Wolfbyte said...

Also, can I come and stay next year?

Nettie said...

If Barbie will give you time away from the brood, then you're always welcome babe :)

thunderstruck said...

I personally like having a blog because it's a place to vent about things without it coming back and slapping you in the face like a big wet fish! Well, it still could, but I can never be really honest with people when they've upset me, and so I can moan about stuff without upsetting them, if you see what i mean? and i like reading your blog and others because it distracts me from my stresses, and gives me insight into how other people live... I'm a curious being, see? So don't stop blogging :)

And I'll try to make both holidays!! Would be good to go to two places :) If I got a cheap deal it would be cool! So like oppie, I'll be a definite maybe! Though I don't hang out on the forums at all now really so I dont know if I count as a MoHer anymore :(

Nettie said...

Once in Thundy, never out. Just because we don't see you there, doesn't mean you're not part of the gang anymore :)

Smerk said...

Especially since Thundy's a junior member of the Coven. ;-)

NEO said...

Even if blogs are crap, mine is an outlet for me to express my feelings in written form. It helps me work things out, whether anyone reads it or not. So it is important to me, and that is what matters.